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24 Tamil Movie Review

24 Tamil Movie Review

This Friday in South Indian Films, we have one release, which comes in the form of 24. This science fiction movie is directed and written by Vikram Kumar, while it stars Suriya, Samantha and Nithya Menen in the lead roles, while besides actors like Girish Karnad, Ajay, Saranya Ponvannan,  Charle and Sudha are found in the supporting roles. The film has the music from the legend A R Rahman, while it is produced by Suriya under the banner of RD Entertainment, whereas the cinematography is carried out S Tirru. The principal photography was carried out in Bombay followed by other cities like Pune, Nasik and Chennai, while for the overseas location, Poland was considered. Now let’s dig in the movie to get the crux of the same.


The story of 24 is of a watch, with which the owner is seen taking to down to the memory lane in the past having the control on time. This is the invention of Sethuraman played by Suriya who happens to be a scientist and his twin brother who is the dreading man who is called as Athreya who is keen to snatch the invention from him. The quest of Athreya is to simply see the watch extending to the next generation around two and half decades in the future as he has to get the same from Mani played by Suryiya who is the son of Sethuraman. Now, what happens to the Watch and how things change in the lives of the three characters in a course of 24 hours is all about in the film?


Before digging deep into the details of the movie, the film 24 has an innovative and highly captivating experience with the subject of Time at its core. Though the idea itself is completely new to the Tamil audience, this very script is filled with loads of thrills and suspense elements. These come along with the superb performance by Suriya in three diverse roles. This is added with apt music by A R Rahman and yes the cinematographer role cannot be forgotten here along with the designers who added some brilliant VFX effects with high quality making 24 an incredible experience. The director- writer has less time to waste and thus we see the film starting with a crisp intro of Sethuraman’s role along with giving details about his family. Soon you will find the character of Atherya being introduced with complete might. So, in the first 20 minutes you can find the sequences coming in an intense fashion giving the intro of the main crux of the film.

As the movie moves in the future, 24 is seen gathering loads of scope of having lighter moments. The way the time is seen moving ahead you find the film worthy to catch as the audience is able to catch the crux of the film. You find some comical thing from Vikram Kumar adding up the romance along with explaining the time travel idea. It is indeed a cool idea, which seems to have worked in a hilarious fashion. The first half can be called as a standoff between Mani and Athreya, while the intermission comes at the apt time, whereas the second half loads of surprises to catch. Talking about the performance, Suriya is incredible performer who plays a negative character the first time doing fantastic job. Though the character of Samantha is that strong, yet she is seen impressing with her cool looks and cute performance over the silver screen. Her cute performance is cool and so is her expressions and makeup. The others in the movie also look cool and interesting in their performance.

Now talking about the music from Rahman, the song from him is a treat to our ears and way it is being made would feel you incredible. Thanks to the soothing music, voice quality and exotic overseas locations making it a visual treat as well. on the flip side, the film seemed to be a slow pace especially in the first half, however, this is obvious in the backdrop of time travel, while the romantic scenes too have not worked in a perfect way as it comes with silly puns and pranks.

24 – Last Word

The film 24 is a gorgeous product of team work. The great visuals, apt music and cool art direction & VFX effects and the great performances of the lead actors have added ultimate beauty that becomes the must for the audience to catch the film.

Rating – 4.0

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