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Traffic Movie Review

Traffic Movie Review

Too much of melodrama hampers the script making it overstretched and boring

It’s a busy Friday when you have a couple of movies in B Town along with the ones in South and in Hollywood as well. This certainly includes Traffic, which is a thriller movie directed by Rajesh Pillai based on Malayalam movie with the same title made in 2011. The film has actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Jimmy Shergill, and Prosenjit Chatterjee in the lead roles, while Divya Dutta, Amol Parashar and Richa Panai in the supporting roles, the latter is doing her debut in B Town with Traffic.  The film is produced by Deepak Dhar under the banner of Endemol India. Now, have a look at the crux of the film as under:


The film Traffic is based on true events, which narrates a story of different people who live to get entwined on crucial point. You have a man called Ramdas Godbole played by Manoj Bajpayee who is a traffic constable who is back on his duty after being suspended for a while for a bribery case takes the onus of deliver life to an ailing girl of a superstar suffering from serious heart conditions. The story goes this way, Rehan a journalist is on his way to interview Dev Kapoor the superstar but he meets accident and end up getting critical injuries finding no hopes to get the recovery. At the same time, you have the daughter on the other side who is on the edge to leave the fatal world if she fails to get the heart transplant in the coming few hours.  Rehan family who is in dilemma to donate the heart to the superstar’s daughter finally decides to donate the heart for the girl. Now, the real challenge appears when there is no other option but to take the path of roadways to deliver the heart and you just have two and half hours to do the job. This is where Godbole takes the onus to deliver in less than the said time duration. So, how he accomplishes the job is really worthy to catch in the film.

Script Analysis

As said the film is based on true story and is very much straight forward one. However, the script seems to be unnecessarily stretched for long hours. The story takes loads of time to complete which deals with Godbole taking loads of time to cover the distance from Mumbai to Pune. Rather most of the first time is seen with melodrama and annoying background of all the characters. A shorter duration could have sufficed at this juncture, which was however was seen making the journey of Godbole very much melodramatic.  The film has certain factual errors especially taking about the recovery of the patient but what goes gripping is the detailing of the traffic department dealing the best in controlling the traffic to make things happen.

Star Performance

The soul of the movie is of course Manoj Bajoayee and his performance is incredible over the silver screen. on the other side, Jimmy Shergil playing the character of Gurbir Singh the Commissioner role is also worth catching and similar is the story of Divya Dutta who is emotionally every much effective and managed to perform the best while playing the character of a good mother. The others remained okay at the silver screen.

Movie review – Direction and Music

The story of Late Rajesh Pillai who chose to come into good book is a good idea but the way the story telling is carried out in the movie fails to impress over the cinematic level. The film focuses over the real issues one can face while delivering things like these as shown in the movie. Editing has its own flaw and was seen having loose ends at many places making the movie dull, while some of the shots stay prolonged making the audience annoying. Amidst all these demerits, the photography is seen lifting high in the film. The locations found in the Mumbai traffic along with the Pune Mumbai highway are certainly chosen wisely to blend perfectly with the script of the film.

Traffic Movie Review

Traffic is disappointing film that fails to justify the trust incidents. It is also boring due to lengthy and showing a number of irreverent things in the midst. However, the performance of Manoj Bajpayee is incredible over the silver screen and much to offer. The film has loads of melodrama, which weren’t required in a straight forward script like these. This has therefore maligned the rating of the film.

Rating – 2.5

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