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OMG! Writer Shobhit Sinha sends a legal notice to Mumbai’s Lord Of The Drinks for serving Iron wire in a Salad

Shobhit Sinha
Shobhit Sinha

Mumbai’s well-known restaurant and lounge Lord of the Drinks serves iron wire in a Salad. The Veera Desai, Andheri outlet’s careless move put a customer named Diva Singh to witness a near to death situation also injuring the throat of the lady. Miss Singh is a friend of renowned television writer Shobhit Sinha who helped her out while she was choking.

When they brought to the restaurant’s notice, they replaced the dish with just a simple apology and weren’t embarrassed by the whole gruesome act. The iron wire was almost the size of an index finger.

Taking this shameful act on social media, many prominent social media personalities shared pictures of the iron wire along with the dish bashing Lord of The Drinks.

Writer Shobhit Sinha along with the victim Miss Diva Singh are set to take legal actions against the restaurant to prevent a situation like this from arising in the future.

Here’s what Shobhit Sinha has to say, “I will make sure nobody visits “LORD OF THE DRINKS ANDHERI” . This restaurant is fatal and nobody should risk their lives . I will ruin their fake image”.

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