Future of PUBG and Esports in India, Raja Mukherjee sums his thoughts ft Fnatic Owais and Fnatic NEMO | Cut The Crop

Raja Mukherjee

RAJA MUKHERJEE aka Raja RME founder of cut the crop. Had a conversation with FNATIC here’s a gist

A career in PUBG? You have to be crazy if you thought this to be possible, but not anymore. With the scene of ESPORTS evolving and gathering momentum even in India, many gamers, people like you, like me are moving closer to their dreams of making a career out of PUBG.

Empowering the youth, ESPORTS has kindled the spark in the everyday gamers, to hustle more and dream big and eventually make a name for themselves in the field of their own. PUBG, a game played every other teenager, even adults, spread like fire, and so did the craze that came with it. All that was missing was money, and when ESPORTS set foot into it, the money came rolling, much larger than anyone could imagine it to be. Let’s be honest, did you expect to see tournaments with prize pools in crores? Even more, a chance, a possibility for people like us to dream of winning that amount someday?

Fnatic NEMO country lead FNATIC INDIA adds, Monies will be as big as the monies in cricket but it will take some time, esports in India the only way is up.
The PUBG star FNATIC Owais adds, there is a hype about PUBG’s return and the news is that the prize pool is going to be bigger than ever.

Raja Mukherjee, Founder – cut the crop, a rapper and a seasoned entertainment entrepreneur says, my friend, take my words when I say that competitive gaming and ESPORTS is not out of grasp for us commoners. You might ask how?

This is where ‘CUT THE CROP’ steps in. We, at ‘CUT THE CROP’ realize how important it is for the youth to arm themselves, to take on the world, and be the successful leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. Covering all these topics, benefitting the youth and the age group, we bring a change, we teach, we preach but most importantly we reach. Didn’t get that? Wait let me explain. My ideal responsibility and the vision that I saw with ‘Cut the Crop’ was to segregate the crap from the facts, the information, and send the facts your way, to the point talk, no beating around the bush.

A lot of people have been questioning why an entrepreneur channel is covering e-sports and PUBG!
People say this is not a field for the entrepreneurs but Cut the Crop was involved and you will find us rolling out content in this niche. You know why? Because it’s informative, it’s the future, and above all it’s fun. For all those who don’t know what we covered, you guys missed out on some enthrallingly fun content. This should ring the bells for you to realize that it’s time for you to associate yourselves with us, after all with us, the only way to go is forward.

E-sports, being the fastest growing sector with PUBG being its most popular and driving factor, we knew we had to bring people face to face with the entire gaming scene and what goes on in the industry. Can you think of a better way to do that other than a full-fledged conversation with the pros? Yes, the pros, in fact, your very own Fnatic, the fan-favorite team sat down with us, to indulge in a conversation.

We, the team at Cut the Crop, and me Raja Mukherjee as the face and the brain and soul behind this project, deliver nothing but the best, we target nothing other than the smart minds, communicate not preach. PUBG, Esports, Fnatic, all of this is just a start, the sky is the limit. Cut the Crop extends a warm hand to all of you to join us on this fun-filled, enriching ride as we distance ourselves from the clutter and learn to harvest profits.
For a full video with FNATIC here is the link –

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