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OMG !! 5 Times Bollywood Celebs Were Caught Eating Desi Food,They Are Just Like Us

We have seen many times our celebrities as our role models,who always look perfect with their looks. But in fact they are simple persons like us. for enjoyment of you all, we have found some awesome pics of some famous celebs.In pics they are very hungry

1) Have you ever seen Kangana eating food in this way?eating stuff like madly


Kangana is eating pani puri like us. looks like she has fond of street foods like pani puri etc.

2) Dosa lover our Khiladi “Akshay Kumar.”


 i think you don’t know that superstar akshay kumar is also a chef in struggling days of his life. we can see his love to desi street food
in this pic he is eating dosa like madly

3) Deepika Padukone enjoying flavor of chuski.


Beauty queen deepika padukone is also lover of desi stuff and street food. in this pic she is enjoying cola flavoured gola.in this time she is in the top list of bollywood actresses.

4) Just soo yummy!! I guess Parineeti is also in love with pani puri.


Our Drama queen parineeti chopra is also a lover of pani puri.she eats a  lot desi food. but now she is loosing her weight and she is one a diet.

5) And, here is Ranbir…Pizza lover!


Dashing ranbir kapoor is mad foodie. He eats a lot fast foods and desi foods too.


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