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Kabali in Ups n Downs: LEAKED Promos but Smashed 200Crs for Satellite and Distribution Rights


Well said ‘Time is Not Always been the Same’ like sometimes you need to sacrifice with what you actually deserve, sometimes you need to face those hurdles which you haven’t though off and sometimes your destiny embark your efforts and hence that’s all called as ‘Ups n Downs’ or ‘Mutation’ in your life and guess what? Former star Rajinikanth’s looming movie ‘Kabali’ is on the run for the same. Well we have dual news not only for the fans but also for the critic’s people who is in seek of such news. To start with the directions of the movie then here it will fragrance the directions of Pa. Ranjith who known for his toughest attention by the audience and specially by the fans.

We begin with the controversy which have not only strike the fans but also the media fellows, being a loving fans and continuous followers of Rajinikanth one can easily state the release date of its promos and track don’t you? Hold on guys there’s something really important for you all as the promos and 30sec audio track has been accidently LEAKED! Indeed what you read is true and just because of this there will be a bit delay on releasing the same on the floor. However the other thing which will surely make you blush like anything is nothing but ‘Kabali’s smashing success before its release. On a serious note and as per our true sources it is said that by selling just the satellite and distribution rights the movie has collected 200Crores! And have notched a position that none of the films have ever achieved. In addition to this it is said that the movie will touch 500+ screens in the foreign countries like Malaysia, China and Thailand.

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