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Noor, Begum jan and Matra Total box office collection

Begum Jaan
Begum Jaan

The B Town before the advent of Bahubali Sequel had few films like NoorBegum Jaan  & Maatr, but unfortunately these films have been the disaster over the box office for obvious reasons. Well, let’s talk about these films and their total collections so far starting with the film Noor. Noor has ended its poor with collections of just Rs. 7.75 crore at the Box Office after the first week. And the total box office collection so far is 9 crores, which is indeed not a good figure to celebrate by its makers.

These are lowest numbers of the year for any major Hindi film this year (barring Machine, which was a complete disaster from the first show itself) and one doesn’t foresee any other release in 2017 with a notable face to be registering any lower numbers now. The fate of the other film released on the same day was the worst in terms of collection. As per reports, the total box office collection for Maatr was barely 3.5 crore so far, which is bad like anything.

And now the Vidya Balan starrer movie called Begum Jaan, it was as bad as any other bad film found in B Town. As per reports, the film has collected the lowest numbers. Thus the total box office collection for Begaum Jaan brought in 23.5 crore so far and thus remains the bad show performer of B Town. Now, with the advent of the big blockbuster film none of the films enlisted here will be able to perform. So, it is no more than any other film as Bahubali is going to stay for a longer haul.

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