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Gergana Raykova

Gergana RaykovaGergana Raykova Bio :

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Gergana Georgieva Katsarska is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer and was born November 30, 1984 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria) is often referred to as “the Barbie doll of pop-folk”. Gergana grew up with her grandparents in Govedartsi. She has an older sister named Lazarina. Her cousin is popular soccer player Stoyko Sakaliev. Gergana completed her secondary education at the Dimitrovgrad Music School, where she specialized in Pop Singing. On prom night, Gergana was among the selected students who performed in front of the entire class. A recording of that performance brought producer Todor Dimitrov – Tokicha’s attention on Gergana and in 2003, she signed with Payner Music.

Her early career (2003–2004) was marked by the runaway success of her debut single “Губя те бавно” followed by a best-selling debut album. Gergana’s star rises in the fall of 2003, when her first single “Губя те бавно” (“Gubya Te Bavno”, translated as “I’m losing you slowly”) became a runaway success. In late 2004, she released her second studio album “Както Никой Друг” (“Like no one else”), which was dedicated to her mother, who died on September 30, 2004 due to cancer. In the summers of 2004 and 2005, Gergana participated in the national summer tour of Payner, “Planeta Prima”. On December 16, 2005 Gergana released her third studio album called “Сини Очи” (“Blue eyes”). It sold 20,000 copies and was ranked 5th in Best-selling album of 2005 charts.

The singer shot music videos for both versions of the leading song “Сини Очи”, following the strategy of her second album. In Spring, Gergana released a new single, “Някой Ден, Може Би” (“Someday, Maybe”). In Spring 2006 Gergana shot a video to the song “Сладката Страна На Нещата” (“The sweet side of things”) in the Graf Ignatievo air base. Music videos for “До Утре” (“‘Till Tomorrow“) and “Искам Само Любовта Ти” (“I Only Want Your Love” followed. She also took part for the third time in the summer tour of Payner Music. Gergana releases a ballad named “Ogan v Dazhda” (Fire in the Rain) on Planeta TV’s annual Christmas Eve programme. The music video for the song is released on 8 January 2016 on the official channel of her music company – Planeta Official.

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