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Nil Battey Sannata Movie Review

Nil Battey Sannata is a cute little Mother-Daughter relationship movie giving a subtle social message to the audience 

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It’s a busy Friday this week wherein we have too many films releasing the same day with diverse subjects. These certainly include the social drama film called Nil Battey Sannata starring the talented B Town actress – Swara Bhaskar in the lead role along with Ria, Ratna Pathak and Pankaj Tripathi in the supporting roles. The film is directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, while produced by Anand L Rai and Ajay Rai under the banner of Colour Yellow in association with JAR Pictures. The film has got applauds from megastars like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. the film has been screened in a number of global film festival including in China and Europe, wherein it has received good round of applauds. The Tamil remake called Amma Kanakku of the movie is also releasing this Friday, now time to dig in deep to get the gist of the film as under:


The film is about a young single mother of a teenage girl who finds lots of difficulty in raising the girl. The girl falls under a notorious category and happens to be an outspoken teenage who is not at all keen in studying. She is simply bad in the subject of Mathematics and fails in the 9th standard. When her mother played by Swara confronts with her, she says even after he passes the 10th, she can hardly do anything for her further studies as it appears to be unaffordable. Swara has to do lots of odd jobs to make her and her daughter living and thus discusses the issue with one of the lady played by Ratna Pathak who advices her to pursue her own dreams rather asking her daughter to do so. She then takes admission with her daughter and then the battle begins for the two to clean the 10th standard scoring high in the subject of mathematics. So what happens next is interesting to explore.


NBS is an inspiring family movie wherein it features a number of talented actors from B Town including Swara, Ratna Pathak and Pankaj Tripathi. It is charming tale of poor single mother who battles hard to raise her daughter and wants to see her pursuing her lost dreams. However, all her efforts go in vain making her opt for her lost dream pursuing her own dreams. In other words, the tale showcased in the film is just a story of any middle or low class family wherein kids are too notorious to take up their academics seriously just due to their fear for Mathematics. However, the other part of the film is rare and few in the society wherein a mother of teenage girls decides to continue her education, which she had to break long back due to poverty and other issues.

Swara who is playing the lead role the mother of the notorious teenager is simply splendid about her performance over the silver screen. Remember her character played in Tanu Weds Manu and its sequel, she has been incredible in her Bihari role bringing out the dialogues in Bihari accent. Needless to say that her performance has been applauded at the film festivals in China and London, this simply speaks about the dexterity and expertise for such characters. The film is away from any typical B Town film, it is free from the vulgarity and the so called hot girls who move around in seminude attires in songs and usual sequences. It is a straightforward film unlike Masan and other similar films, which becomes the mirror to our Indian society.

The other actors like Ria, Ratna Pathak and Pankaj Tripathi were also decent over the silver screen though they were seen for a small screen presence yet they remained par. This is more precise for the actress like Ria who is playing the character of the young girl in the movie, while others too remain fabulous as in any other movie. Talking about the elements like direction, music and editing, everything seemed par but remains at the top is the unique and interesting content of the film, which are hard to find in any conventional movies of B Town. And don’t forget to catch up the cute song of Maths Me Dabba cool may be it can make you nostalgic in case if you hated maths in your academic life.

Nil Battey Sannata Last Word

Nil Battey Sannata is a cute tale of mother and daughter relationship that has a tussle over the academics. Soon their tussle aggravates to become a war when both of them are seen in the same class 10th of the same school. The film has good performance, nice story and a subtle message, which unfortunately most of the B Town films releasing every Friday lack. This film though may not have high star value but has a rich content and a tangible message for its audience making at the higher slot.  Thus NBS deserves a higher rating.

Rating – 4.0

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