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Laal Rang Movie Review

Good & Unique Subject Choice but typical Masala Elements Ruined the Movie

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It’s a busy Friday this week as we have four movies releasing after the week of Fan release last week. This certainly include Laal Rang, which is a thriller movie directed by Syed Ahmed Afzal, while it is produced by Nitika Thakur under the banner of Krian Pictures. The film has Randeep Hooda, Pia Bajpai and Akshay Oberoi in the lead roles, while Rajniesh Duggall, Ashutosh Kaushik, Meenakshi Dixit, Shreya Narayan and Rajendra Sethi in the supporting roles. The film is set at the backdrop of Haryana based blood trade business, however, at the core; the film is all about love, friendship and greed. Let’s dig in deep into the film to get the crux of it as under:


Meet a young boy called Rajesh Dhiman played by Akash Oberoi who has big dreams in his eyes. He is then gets admission in Diploma in Medical Lab and soon meets two people whom he calls to be important in his life. The first one is his love life called Poonam played Pia Bajpai and Shankar played by Randeep Hooda to whom this young man is highly influenced by. Shankar isa  local goon who has his illegal blood business. Impressed with his business and the lifestyle of Shankar, Rajesh is seen joining his business. Money is seen pouring in and two are seen enjoying life to the fullest till they get a new SP in their town called Gajraj Singh played by Rajneish Duggal. He takes the challenge to make the town free from this ugly business of blood. So, what happens next, will the newly transferred SP able to uproot the illegal business and what happens to these guys in the lead roles, is interesting to explore.


Though the film has a good social subject to make, however, the writers have diluted the same making it a masala movie at the end. So, it is a commercial film, which has tried to address the social message about the issues, which is still unheard for many. Backed with dark humor, the plot gives a number of sequences that can give opportunities to chuckle. The demand of the script was to see bromance between the lead actors developing, however, it took long to do so and soon it is seen breaking up with money share comes in between.  The first half of the film goes fine with the bromance at one end between Shankar a man of gold with Rajesh, while on the other end the romance between Poonam and Rajesh, however, the second is just the opposite as it becomes very much predictable. This hampers the interest of the audience catching up the film with poor climax.

Star Performance

Talking about the star performances, let’s start with Randeep Hooda who plays the local goon Shankar. He is devilishly charming as he seen riding the lost Yamaha RX 100 over the streets of a small town of Haryana. He will certainly going to faint the ladies with his incredible performance. Akshay on the other side seems impressed in his nuanced act wherein he plays a youngsters falling prey to sins like greed for pursuing a materialistic life with his greedy girlfriend called Poonam. Pia on the other hand playing the greedy has done well on her assigned job. She is seen maintaining a good tone fairly perfectly all over the film. Others like Meenakshi Dikshit have less screen space to prove her worth for the character and Rajniesh Duggal in the role of a cop was average.

Direction, Music and Technical Stuff

The Youngistaan fame director- Syed Ahmad Afzal has failed to create the kind of impression, which is expected with such movies. Laal Rang fails to intensify the issues, which is the backdrop of the film making it an unnecessarily unwanted humors filled film. One of the vital issues of this movie is the pace of the movie. The criminal based films should have fast speed which is not the case in the first half. Secondly, adding up a number of songs which mushrooms too often in the film also marred the movie. The editing and soundtrack seems to be tight that doesn’t suits with films like these.

Laal Rang – Last Word

The movie Laal Rang fails to bring up the issue, which happens to be the back drop of the movie. The director has failed to understand the sensitivity of the film and has seen moving in a very different direction with elements like love, friendship and greed hampering things to a great extent. The effort to make such movies need good research, which seems to be lagging in Laal Rang, which further hampers the rating of the film.

Rating – 2.0

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