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Navdeep Tomar Gujjar

Navdeep Tomar Gujjar Bio

Born: N/A
Age : N/A
Birthplace : N/A
Height: 5.9
Nationality: Indian
Occupation : Actor

Those who follow Delhi cricket know Navdeep Tomar Gujjar for the controversy that surrounded him seven years back. This cricketer from Delhi had come in news for threatening selectors with dire consequences for not selecting him for the Delhi Ranji team. Navdeep became the villain in cricketing team then and now we hear that Navdeep has bagged a negative role in a Bollywood film titled Zanjeer.

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Navdeep is from Fatehpur, Delhi. Having taken training in cricket since his young days, he nurtured dreams of becoming a professional cricketer. He aspired to get selected for Indian cricket team but unfortunately the opportunity never came his way. Soon after he was caught in the controversy of threatening selectors, there was not much hope for this young cricketer to make it to the national team. Navdeep did not continue to play good long after the controversy. Now there are reports of his signing Bollywood film Zanjeer in which he is playing the role of a villain. His role will be that of a cop who has bad morals.

Navdeep Tomar Gujjar said regarding his selection for the role that since his cricketing career was not going anywhere, he decided to try his luck in films which he thinks might give him a chance to revamp his career prospects.

Navdeep is looking forward to more potential roles in Bollywood. Navdeep said that his family is very supportive of his working in films. He was offered the film after he met the director at a local match. Navdeep comes from a humble family in Fatehpur.

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