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Musician Kushal Bharatia & Kartik Raman joins Shankar Mahadevan for a save water campaign

Jeetu Likhar



Jan Shakti4 Jal Shakti Songs

Jan Shakti4 Jal Shakti Songs

We have been knowing that the Ministry of Environment keeps on coming out with one drive or the other about the environment protection and awareness among the people of India. The ministry has one of its drive called Jal Shakti Abhiyan which talks about save water and prevent its wastage as well. It keeps on roping in different celebrities for such programs and this time we have the legendary singer and music composer Shankar Mahadevan who has come forward city known to face in music Kushal Bharatia & Kartik Raman.

The duo would come out with songs and music that talks about this campaign in the country. Since the Ministry wants to make Jal Shakti a Jan Andolan or People’s movement, it is leveraging the known faces and celebrities to drive this campaign in the country. It is an interesting collaboration when two musicians come together to embark upon a song that promotes the awareness program about save water in India.

It would be a good experience for city musicians like Kushal and Kartik Raman to work with legends like Shankar for the Environment Ministry program. We would be expecting to see the song soon. But at the moment we have to wait for these proud moments to come. Till then if you have anything to share do comment below and let us know what do you feel about this news.

They have asked people to send their videos about anything they have done to save water and use the hashtag

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