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Mirzapur Season 2: Five characters who make ‘Mirzapur’ a tremendous web series


Mirzapur’s second season has been announced. The year 2020 has also been selected for its release. A teaser of the second season of this series has also been released on November 16, when the series is a year old. Fans are eagerly waiting for this web series. The biggest reason behind this is its character. Its characters have made this web series famous. Let’s know about them ..

Kalin Tripathi – The fear of Kalin Bhaiya in ‘Mirzapur’ is so much that people call him ‘King of Mirzapur’. He now wants to give this inheritance from his father to his son. In the name of the carpet, no one is able to escape from the Kaleen Bhaiya  who does all the black business. Kaalin Bhaiya is played by Pakanj Tripathi.

Munna Tripathi- One of the most powerful characters in ‘Mirzapur’ is Munna Tripathi. This is a character who has to rule ‘Mirzapur’ and for this the biggest obstacle in front of him is his father ‘Kalin Bhaiya’. Divyendu Sharma played this character so easily that the hearts of the people were engulfed. Apart from this, his ‘O Chacha’ dialogue became quite famous.

Guddu Pandit- Guddu Pandit is also one of the great characters played by Ali Fazal. This character enjoys killing people. It is loved, but most of all by its body. This season, Guddu Pandit has many changes to make. Which includes the revenge of the death of brother and wife.

Bablu Pandit- Both Bablu and Guddu Pandit complement each other. However, in the first season Babloo Pandit appears to be heavy on everything. Whether it is a matter of convincing the Kaleen Bhaiyaor to celebrate Golu. Babloo is the only character who has fallen in love with the classic. Babloo is shot at the end of the first season. Don’t know what will happen in this season. At the same time, Vikrant Messi, who plays this character, is currently going to appear in the second season of ‘Broken But Beautiful’.

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