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Mumbai 125 KM 3D Movie Review

Mumbai 125 KM 3D Movie review

This Friday can be called as a Furious Friday as most of the movies releasing this day deals with horror and fear. One of these movies include Mumbai 125 KM 3D. It is directed by Hemant Madhukar, starring Karanvir Bohra, Vedita Pratap, Veena Malik, Vije Bhatia and Joey Debroy. It is produced by Hemant Madhukar and Mani Sharma under the banner called Sri Mahatti Media, and A Light and Shadow Films. The movie is all set to be released this Friday in 3D version. The story comes from Hemant Madhukar and Dheeraj Rattan, while the photography is carried out by Manoj Shaw and music is composed by Mani Sharma whereas the songs have come up with multiple singers including Zubeen Garg.

Let’s talk about the plot, the entire movie revolves around the single night accident, while all the horror elements are seen transpiring over the road trip. Five friends are on their way from Pune back to Mumbai when they encounter a very bizarre kind of incident just 125 Kms from their home city (Mumbai). The story starts when a drunken man rams a girl on the road on this particular point and flees away. The same girl turns to a lady ghost played by the alluring siren Veena Malik. So, the movie simply deals about the encounter of a lady ghost with five friends returning to Mumbai. Now, talking about the script, it has the same old half baked story, depicted in the similar way unlike witnessed in any other Bollywood horror movies. It lacks the freshness and unique angles in it, however, with 3D effects, you may find it a bit different than the earlier ones. In other words, the story seems to be the same old one, which was tried to portrayed with newness using the 3D element.

Now, let’s talk about the star performance. The movie has all the new faces particularly from the TV world with only Veena Malik the old face. Malik however, is seen in a deadly avatar, who seem to haunt people making them as her victims. She seemed okay in terms of character and performance, however, she was considered for this role only for the quirkiness and the glam factor for which this lady has been known in the movie world. On these parameters, she was perfect, adding all the sensual and hot effects for which she was casted in Mumbai 125 KM, but in terms of acting and performance, she doesn’t score high marks yet better than the novices in the movie. Talking about the other guys like Karanvir Bohra, Vedita Pratap Singh, Aparnaa Bajpai, Joey Debroy, etc. all seemed okay in their debut movie, yet failed to impress with their performance.

As far as the technical aspects of the movie is concerned, Hemant Madhukar lies at the center having too many feathers in his cap. He has many roles and responsibilities to play in the movie and as said in the old axiom- jack of all and master in none, he can be called as the classic example of this. Most of the horror sequences in the movie seemed the same old and stereotype, while direction at most of the places seemed carrying the same old things, which the audience had seen in the earlier movies of Bollywood falling in this category. Only the difference here is the 3D element, which can exemplify the movie to certain extent. Similar was the story of editing and other departments.

Last word Mumbai 125 KM 3D

Well, the movie is not that impressive in terms of story, script and presentation. Veena Malik was as usual hot and sensual and if you are her fan then no one can stop you to catch this movie. Rest of the people in the movie are new in the industry who all will take time to carve their niche in the industry. However, this was certainly a good break for them and you never know they get some better film. Hemant was good at times but considering too many roles he had in the movie, he seemed lagging behind in many things, making the movie dull to give a good vibes over the Box Office. Lastly, the only appreciating element is the 3D element, which has made things better for Mumbai 125KM and to some extent the music as well was okay.

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