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Charfutiya Chokare  Movie Review

Chaarfutiya Chhokare  Movie Review

The movie Chaarfutiya Chhokare starrer Soha Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain and Seema Biswas is all set to hit this Friday. It is produced by the Khoslas (Sunil and Vibha Khosla), while Manish Harishankar is its director. The movie deals with the child trafficking, which revolves around the character of Soha Ali Khan who is an NRI girl that struggle hard against this menace. The movie happens to be low budget, and can be called as another women centric movie fighting for the menace like child trafficking unlike the one seen in Mardani. However, the two differ a lot in many ways giving an image in the Bollywood that the filmmakers now are keen to take up these serious issues to boost up the awareness against these menaces.

Let us talk about the plot. Neha Malini a software engineer played by Soha Ali Khan, who has returned to her native village based in Northern Bihar wherein she is keen to start a school. Being happy and optimistic, she is barely unaware about the complications, risks and hardship lurking her dream project, which she is keen to set up in the serene and small village. Soon she meets three boys Hari, Gorakh and Awadhesh but later finds them out to be the start of a nightmare. These three kids are hardcore criminals, while soon they turn out to be the center of her activities. After learning this reality, she simply decides to fight back this menace in the village and pledges to liberate the three kids from this deeply embedded criminal-political nexus, which simply pervades this system.

The script of the movie is powerful enough to embark with an incredible movie; however, soon, you find the story losing its steam. The story really lack the genuine element in it, which appears to be fake looking at it at one go. You see the people losing life, girls being kidnapped, etc. but it is difficult to see the characters blending the right way. It is really hard to buy a script with a urbane lifestyle young software engineer gets into the mission of cleaning the menace of child trafficking without having any support from anywhere, making the story line very much poor. Yet the script cannot be blamed for this poor show of the story presentation found in the movie. You may find violence and top goons acting smartly in the village, however, kids turning into hired killers seems indigestible. In other words, you can find the story to be decent but it is badly presented before the audience.

Now coming to the start performances, well to be honest, Soha Ali Khan didn’t fit this character by anyway. Though this female actor has potentials but she often ended up being the wrong product for every director for whom she have worked with. Sadly, all her plus points were untouched as she was seen underplaying in some of the overdramatic movie. Frankly, she seemed just an odd man out in the film. The other characters like Harsh Mayar, Aditya Jaiswal and Shankar Mandal had too little roles to play. The character they played was really hard to swallow as young boys holding heavy guns rather than enjoy playing in the park or doing some naive things make things unrealistic for them rather playing with the killing machines. The only actor who pushes the movie ahead is Seema Biswas, who seems gritty, real and incredible in her performance.

As far as the technical things are concerned, it shows that the director has very less understanding about the cinematic affairs. The locations lost the rustic look unlike what you often find in Bihar, thus it never appeared to be shot at the said place. All you can find is the swanky highways and urban look and feel in the locations chosen for the movie, making the movie appearing very much unrealistic. Furthermore, the movie had too many breaks, which confuses the audience. One last thing, which you can make you laugh, is the absence of logic in most of the sequences found in the movie. You can allow lack of expertise and experience in filmmaking, however, the lack of logic is too big sin to accept. Chaarfutiya Chhokare is the classic example of this.

Last word – Charfutiya Chokare Review

The only good thing about the movie is the noble intention of highlighting serious issues like child trafficking. However, the lack of expertise in many areas brings back the movie at the backburner. It’s really dismaying to see the director lagging behind in expertise and experience and the worst part- the logic. You have too many discrepancies in terms of direction, editing, location and also with poor performances of all the characters making the movie really bad at the end. For the good script, the rating can add .5 more with the total rating reaching to 1.5.

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