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3 A.M. Movie Review

26th September 2014 is a Furious Friday with a couple of horror movies hitting the theater. This certainly includes 3 AM. Vishal S Mahadkar is the man who has directed this movie, while it is produced by Siddharth Atha, Nittin Keni and Richard De Varda under the banner of A Hand print Pictures Production and Essel Vision Productions Ltd. The star leads in the movie include Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayar, Salil Acharya and Kavin Dave. The story comes from Vishal S Mahadkar. 3 AM is Hindi musical horror, which is a remake of south Indian movie released with the same title.

Let’s check the plot of the movie, which is based on the spirits, which are commonly referred as ghosts. The backbone of the 3 AM lies in the ghosts found in the haunted house of Mumbai, while the three lead characters are seen finding them out and combating them in the movie. Now, let’s check these three characters, first is Sunny, he is a host of a TV reality show and enjoys his stable and strong career. His show has completed 100 episodes, which he has ventured with his childhood friends (the other two characters)- Raj and Cyrus. Amidst the joy and celebration of the show’s success, Sunny proposes her eight-year long relationship girlfriend Sarah for marriage. This is how the movie starts. Sarah is a journalist; she is doing a story on haunted houses in Mumbai and hence leaves amidst midnight to catch a secluded place in the city, which is famous for being haunted.

Soon, the same night Sunny is informed about Sarah death at the said haunted place, which wrecks him giving a big jolt. Later, when he settles down, he and his friends plan to visit the same place with their cameras and other recording equipments to find out the presence of ghost out there. They occupy the said space and sets up the camera planning to stay until dawn to find out what really happens at 3AM when his girl friend has died. As the three sits down to record certain evidence about the same, they finally see a big mess by ghost exactly at 3AM. Will they survive until dawn and are they able to find out the truth are the key questions, which you need to find answer from the movie.

Well, again, the story does not seem to be new, such stories have been time and again repeated in different ways in a number of horror stories. Therefore, as far as the uniqueness and freshness is concerned, the movie does not have the catch in this aspect. Now, let’s check the performance of the star characters. Well the performance seems okay especially of Kavin Dave as Raj and Rannvijay Singh as Sunny, yet cannot be called as par. The lady Sarah played by Anindita Nayar had shorter role, which is slightly above average. Unfortunately, the movie has not much to cover rather three men in a closed and secluded place with lots of special effects. Plus the movie seems breaking at various point of time, leaving behind the audience to get perplexed.

Last Words 3 AM Review :

All in all, nothing really tangible seems to have been packaged in 3AM, making it just another Bollywood horror movie to catch. Even the promos have failed to garner the kind of response, which any good movie is supposed to get. In terms of music and songs, the movie is seen scoring some points, however, on other fronts, it simply falls flat on the ground giving the audience little reason to catch the movie. Perhaps considering the number of loo breaks evident in the movie, and very trivial kind of star value with frivolous script, one would be the right rating for this movie. however, if you are keen to catch up some hot and sensual encounters of Sarah with Sunny, you can for sure catch the movie and also find the humours puns of Raj in it.

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