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Mulk Movie Review :

Movie – Mulk
Director – Anubhav Sinha
Star castRishi Kapoor, Prateik Babbar, Rajat Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu, Ashutosh Rana, and Manoj Pahwa
Producer – Deepak Mukut
Studio – Banaras MediaWorks and Soham Rockstar Entertainment
Writer– Anubhav Sinha
Music – Prasad Sashte, Anurag Saikia, and Mangesh Dhakde
Cinematography – Ewan Mulligan
Rating – 3.5
The youngest son happens to be settled in Benaras and thus gets involved in terrorist activities, that later led to a bomb blast massacre. His actions and activities have an adverse effect over the family who happens to defend themselves like people who happen to be innocent and not anti-nationals. The lady lawyer comes into the rescue by taking up the case for the family who has been dragged into this issue and then make them free from the social ailment.
Anubhav Sinha the director of the film sets out to lay bare the prejudice, which then precedes the perception of the people about the Muslim community in our country. The patriarch of the family, with Murad Ali Mohammed played by Rishi Kapoor is a well-respected lawyer who is known to have Hindu friends in the areas of Benaras. His daughter-in-law called Aarti Mohammed played by Taapsee Pannu is also a Hindu. The film Mulk talks about throwing the light on how the people are seen falling prey to the political agendas, which simply intend to divide the country on caste and creed basis making the debate of ‘us’ vs ‘them’. With strong courtroom drama and dialogue that showcases heavy narrative, the movie reiterates for the umpteenth time that the menace called terrorism has no religion. But it goes with the tonality far from subtle and the perspectives seemed to be presented vehemently in a fashion that’s simply jarring and overbearing.
The first half of the film happens to be slow-paced but at the same time it simply  works for the movie giving some dramatic courtroom scenes that will compel you to think about Islamophobia, which exists around us. And at times it comes without  being cognizant of it. Now talking about the performances, Rishi Kapoor playing the patriarch performs his character with great restraint and nuance. The veteran actor brings gravitas to his portrayal of a strong Muslim man who refuses to accept the polarities manifested by both the communities (Hindus and Muslims). Yet his love for the country is intact thus giving another power packed performance. Prateik Babbar as a young Muslim boy has also done well in his role. Taapsee Pannu as the daughter-in-law simply shines in the courtroom scenes but found difficulty in delivering the lengthy monologues.  Manoj Pahwa, Neena Gupta and Ashutosh Rana in supporting roles are competent.
Mulk – The Last Word 
The film is shot in the bylines of an Indian small town mentality and showcases the milieu it is trying to set in aptly. The film Mulk focuses on a few burning and hard-hitting issues, while at the same time it showcases the crucial role, which the media and various other channels play in disseminating the facts and right news  to its citizens.
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