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5 Not So Perfect Movies of Aamir Khan – The Perfectionist

Aamir Khan is known for his perfectionist nature that makes him get a tag of Mr. Perfectionist. He ensures that he gives his best to the characters he portrays on the silver screen for different films. He is not just choosy about the film but also about the characters he plays for the film. His perfectionist attitude goes to the extreme that when he was not satisfied with the direction work of the hired director of Taare Zameen Par, he decided to direct the film on his own that went on to be a big hit and even gave him the best director award at different film awards. However, but like his attitude of being perfectionist, some of his films doesn’t go perfect, have a look at some of his not so perfect films as under:
1). Love Love Love
This was the film with his hit actress Juhi Chawla after he did the film QSQT. But this time the couple was not lucky enough to give another big hit over the silver screen. Perhaps too much of love was seen in the title that has kept the audience away making the film to falter at the box office.


2). Awwal Number
Awwal Number
It was Dev Anand film with Aamir Khan, which was supposed to come after Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, however, B Subash came up with his film Love Love Love and that made the filmmaker feel offended. The actor however claimed that he simply signed without reading the script while the critics gave him low score for the low thin plot. The other dismay factor was the music and lyrics.
3). Tum Mere Ho
Tum Mere Ho
The film again brought Juhi Chawla and Aamir Khan together on the silver screen showcasing a love between a girl from a rich family and a boy from snake charmer family who later incidentally comes out from a royal family. The movie had a very typical and boring story that didn’t impress the audience in a big way.
4). Mela
The film had all the stuff that you would love to hate, right from poor story to poor music and lyrics and many more things. It was primarily made to launch Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan but it failed miserably becoming Mr. Perfectionist’s flop film.
5). Jawani Zindabad
Jawani Zindabad
This film Aamir did opposite Farha Naaz and remained the first and the last as they never came together with another. It was known to have the worst story without any good music and lyrics keeping the audience far away from the movie becoming another nightmare for the actor.
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