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MSG:  Messenger of God movie review

MSG  Messenger of God movie review

After a couple of hiccups and objections raised by Censor Board the movie MSG:  Messenger of God finally released today. The movie revolves around the idea of eliminating the social evils such as alcoholism, drug abuse and other issues being faced by youth along with showcasing the life and message of Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. It is a non conventional movie, which incorporates a number of elements like action, drama and a subtle message, which is being presented by none other than the spiritual guru itself.  The movie is directed by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan along with Jeetu Arora Insan, while is produced by the Dera Sachcha Trust under the banner of Hakkikat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

The plot of the movie is simple and straightforward, which is packed with elements any typical Bollywood movies would encompass. These include, action, suspense, stunts and high drama, which is performed by none other than the Guru itself. The plot has the same Guru Ji playing his own character of a spiritual leader, who has a huge fan following. While dealing with the issues of social evils, he take up the challenge to abate social evils like gender discrimination and drugs, which seems to be rampant in the society. The people against this mission of Guru Ji unite and conspire to kill this man. Thus you have all the elements, which any typical Bollywood masala movie would have.

To judge the performance of Guru ji on a formal yardstick of Critics found in Bollywood would be a difficult job to accomplish. However, in terms of performance, this man is far away from being a competent actor, since the movie is a blend of his live recorded concerts along with a couple of sequences, which carry the action and stunt part in the film. The movie has seven songs, which conveys the message of this spiritual leader. While talking about the locations and other technical aspects of the movie, all of these elements seem okay. You can find some incredible and picturesque locations wherein the Guru is seen narrating his message before the people. The sets used in the film are larger than life. In other words, it’s a fabulous mind blowing complete entertainer with one message, life will rock when you live it right. The music and other technical aspects like editing, screenplay and dialogues, everything seems above average.

MSG :  Messenger of God Review Last Word

The movie MSG- Messenger of God is a movie with a social message to lead a good and right life just to make this world a worthy place to live. Ever since the trailer of the movie was released, the movie has been in a constant buzz with an overwhelming response. It falls under non conventional films, which talks more about the message to change the society and make it free from the social evils like alcoholism, drug abuse, and gender discrimination. To judge the film on the basis of performance and conventional yardstick becomes difficult. Hence the rating is purely given in the perspective of message it has.

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