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Tevar 1st week box office collection


Despite having lots of hopes and expectations were posed for the movie Tevar hitting the theatres last week, it failed to get a flying week. The box office report suggests that the Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha had an average collection. As per reports, the first week box office collection of Tevar tolled to 35 crores, which is at the lower side unlike its first day and first weekend collection. Perhaps PK was considered to be among the biggest hurdle, which turned the table of Tevar giving an average figure at the end of its first week.

Though the trade pundits and experts were expecting a decent collection as they were visualising the movie to be among the big films of 2015 but things really went bad for the film. In the second week as well, Tevar seems to be struggling a bit, which makes it a pretty low for the Boney Kapoor movie. In fact, this Friday, with too many releases, the collection is likely to be hampered, while the sword of PK still seems to be flunking over the heads of Tevar.

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