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Moh Maya Money Review


Relevant movie but lacks the fire to impress the audience

It is a busy Friday this week when you have three movies releasing, which certainly include the mid budge movie called Moh Maya Money. The film falls under the drama film category having Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia in the lead role. The movie is directed by the man called Munish Bhardwaj while it is produced by same person under the banner known as Delhi Talkies. The movie also has Vidushi Mehra in the supporting role. Now, let’s dig in deep to get the crux of the film by checking the insight about the same in the following paragraphs:


Meet Aman played by Ranvir Shorey who happens to be a real estate agent in Delhi. He is keen to break away from his ‘middle-class’ lifestyle and enter into South Delhi style, upper class livelihood. For this, he tries to pull off the real estate scam, which can lend him big money. His wife is a successful TV news maker, she is sick of her husband cribbing lifestyle and thus disconnects with him. Aman on the other hand is able to draw some money from the money laundering circle and aspires to do big in the line of builder ship when he has some danger ahead. Will be able to sense it how would he come out of the same is interesting to catch with.


The film has hit the right time when Mr. Modi has announced the demonetization policy in order to crack down the black money. This move is effective to nab the people like Aman who create a scam to draw big out of it.  The plot of the movie deals with the greed element which multiples with characters like Aman who is a pimp in real estate world. His wife is rational in her approach and much practical than this man; however, the dysfunctional element seen in their relationship seems to be a common element in current’s times. Though the basic level of this movie stands on a strong story but it ends up losing out the realism in the second half. The scam he tries to create seems dull in the movie as it not professional detail in it, which can be called as a white collar crime and does need more wit. The climax is very much dull as it lacks the punch which is expected in the feature film showcasing somewhere in a short film.

Star performance

Shorey in the character of Aman has done a decent job playing a smart and greedy person and hence is seen shinning in many of the sequences, which others have failed to have tried. On the other side Neha seems stunning while playing a media professional but her acting seems dull in majority of sequences, however, she stands above average in the climax scene successful to get a good come back at the end.

Direction, Music and other elements

The film is showcased in a different genre but the fact of the matter is it has some other base. The film seems to have given two different themes in the first and second half respectively, which completely confuses the audience to a great extent making it a mess in it. All thanks to the poor direction which have marred the things in a bad way. The music is not that par as it is expected to be seen on the film. With no song in the film, Moh Maya Money lacks in many ways to entertain the audience.

Moh Maya Money The Last word

The film is an average entertainer which loses its track and so the focus of the audience giving them too much of loo breaks. Though it witnesses a decent performance yet it has failed in giving the kind of punch that was expected in any film of such a nature. In a sense it has failed to recover in terms of a good rating.

Rating – 1.5


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