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Saansein The Last Breath Movie Review


This Friday we have a couple of movies releasing, which certainly include the romantic horror movie of erotic type called Saansein The Last Breath. The film has stars like Rajneesh Duggal, Sonarika Bhadoria, Neetha Shetty and Hiten Tejwani in the lead roles. The film is directed by Rajiv S Ruia while it is proeuced by Goutam Kumar Jain under the banner of GPA Productions, which is also responsible in bringing out the distribution of the same with the same production group. The music comes from Vivek Kar, while it is edited by Shree Narayan Singh. Well, how about getting the insight about the film in the following paragraphs:


Meet Shirin played by Sonarika Bhadoria who happens to be a singer at one of the best clubs in Mauritius. Her beauty simply attracts many people to the club who are keen to meet her but the lady never meets up and often disappears mysteriously every night after she is done with her performance. Even people fear coming close to her this is when the actor Abhay played by Rajneesh Duggal enters the film during his business trip to the country, he lands up at the same club and simply falls in love with the lady. She keeps on ignoring this man but Abhay is stubborn to come close to her and finally stumbles upon the secret the lady has. Abhay is not deterred and plans to unearth the secret come what may. This follows a dreaded tale, which nightmares are made up of, so, what goes the next is interesting to catch with.


The film is an erotic horror show, which has a list of novices in the star cast but looking at the story, it seems to be an amateur job. The film is boasted with the oomph factors, which have been made as the selling point of the movie, the horror is simply added to dilute the erotic elements from the film. The film moves in a slow pace hampering the focus of the audience giving them too many breaks and soon becomes very much predictable. The so called secret, which the makers of the movie have tried to encompass the same too remains too trivial lacking al the punch which is expected in any horror movie to turn hit. The story soon becomes too puzzling and confusing the audience to a great extent that end up ruining the interest of the audience to a great extent.

Star performance

The fact is the film has barely any star in it rather the makers of the film have roped in all the novices in the movie, which fail to have the kind of expertise and skills which are required in any horror film. Thus if we talk about the performances of the star cast be it Rajneesh Duggal or Sonarika Bhadoria, they seemed very much mediocre over the silver screen. The kind of emotions they are supposed to portray over their faces seemed to missing in a film, which is otherwise should have these elements. The amateur and take some time to understand the whims and fancies of Indian cinema to excel.

Direction, Music and other elements

The direction too seems to lag the punch which is required to make a horror movie. The reasons the obvious may be the star cast was unable to give the kind of strength the film was expected to get. Secondly, the lack of content in the film and a confusing and breaking kind of story too gives meager chance to make things in a perfect order. Thus blaming the direction alone may not be justified thing as the surrounding elements that make the film great too are missing in the movie. The editing is okay but lags behind in some of the places the music is also not that par too much of attention is given on the oomph element making things not that great. The other elements too are not that par to the requirements that somehow have hampered the entertainment value of the movie.

Saansein The Last Breath The Last Word

The film seems to be an amateur job, thanks to the poor performances of the lead actors to the dull direction the film needed much dedicated efforts to make is a success. The film also lags behind in terms of content and story, which was not able to conceptualize the way it deserves to be done over the silver screen. Thus giving a better rating for the same is certainly not justified.

Rating -1.0

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