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Mastram Movie Review


Cast : Rahul Bagga, Tara Alisha Berry, Akash Dahiya

Director: Akhilesh Jaiswal

Review : The movie Mastram is directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal, having the main leads including Rahul Bagga, Akash Dahiya and Tara Alisha Berry. Mastram is an exciting story about one writer who lives with virtually no work; however, later he finds his destiny in making money through writing erotica. Rahul Bagga is a good writer, who puts his heart and soul in bringing out different spicy movies; however, he remained a failed writer till he finds opportunities in making money by writing erotic stuff. He then writes erotic books find a publisher under the title Mastram. Though the porn subject remains illegal in India, however, the same country is one of the biggest markets. Hence the movie is nothing but a scathing taunt on our country’s hypocritical mentality.

Rahul Bagga happens to be a great writer, who seems to be doing justice to this role, however, Kapil Dubey is also seen showcasing the right kind of shades allowing people to understand every single bit of what his character deserves. Tara Alisha is also seen doing a great job, while seen matching up the charisma of Dubey and her natural charm. Though the supporting characters too are seen great and spectacular in their work, but one of the best parts of the movie happens to the script and story of this film.

Looking at the task of the director, Akhilesh deserves standing ovation for showcasing the movie one of the best way and handling this theme very beautifully. If you remember Gangs of Wasseypur, he is the same director who is known to bring out some of the best and unique thing before the target audience. The protagonist is seen winning the hearts of many, while the bold work of the director seems to speak to the contrary. The director happens to be a versatile kind of person and has the courage of speaking and making movies on difficult issues including the current one that deals with hypocritical mentality and the sexual repression as the key focus.

The screenplay happens to be tight and has certain smaller and loose spots that are seen maintaining its coherence for the bigger part. The movie is seen talking about the Indian mentality in the most incredible ways wherein a failed writer is seen telling u the story in domesticated way who later turns up a successful writer dealing with erotica. You may not call it a dual life but something struck in between the profane and divine forms, which focuses more on the potentials of expressing the gruesome mentality of people towards the taboo issue called sex.

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