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Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review

Hawaa Hawaai Movie

Cast : Saqib Saleem, Partho Gupte

Director : Amole Gupte

Review : Hawaa Hawaai is a movie deals with young Slumdog who has big dreams in his eyes that is bundled away from crumbling chawls under the piles of garbage over the roofless homes. But this small dream is too tough enough for his battered boots. The movie is directed by Amole Gupte, while the leading cast includes Saqib Saleem and Partho Gupte. This movie is among the innocent movie, which has been created after Stanley Ka Dabba, which comes with the theme of optimism and hope. The casting happens to be the aide as every character you find here is incredibly wonderful. Bollywood is often seen ignoring the two genres – sports and kid’s movies. However, Amole is smart enough to bring these two themes together in the form of an emotional and touching kind of story of a small boy.

Hawaa Hawaai happens to be a story of a boy called Arjun played by Partho Gupte who comes to Bombay with his mother, granny and his little sister after losing his home and father as well. He is a school dropout and work as a tea seller with no excitement and fun in his life. He comes in touch with street kids to whom he befriends. He sees the kids of wealthy background and watches them with a dream to do something big in his life. However, it was his coach Lucky (Saqib Saleem) who happens to be a mentor of these kids helps him to make their dream a big reality.

The good about the movie is that it is inspiring, well enacted and well cast movie. Gupte is seen capturing the friendship in between the four kids so nicely. Saquib is seen doing good in his coach avatar, while you would be touched to see a number of scenes like venturing out to buy a couple of skates for Arjun, or when the mother of the kid goes out to find a job for him or when he gets the salary on a daily basis late in the night, all these scenes would really can melt your heart for sure. There are many junctures in the movie, which can make you smile or dabble your eyes. Pragya Yadav is seen playing an incredible role in his small role, while Neha Joshi is seen incredible in the character of Raju’s mom.

Talking about the bad, you can find a fine line in between moving and manipulating things where you can see the director failing. After passing certain amount of time, you can find a number of sentimental devices being hitting the audience, like the tensions in between the brothers, tragic accident wherein he loses his parents, and many similar scenes. A majority of the portion of the movie sound very much preachy and compelled. All in all, you can still call Hawaa Hawaai a good movie, which is worthy enough to be watched.

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