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Mahie Gill says I miss theatres but OTT is the future

Mahie Gill says – “I do miss them. I definitely want to watch myself on the big screen, but if we’ve to be practical, then yes, OTT platforms connect with people more,” she continues, “A lot of people who just want to watch something, anywhere, just have to pick up their phones. You can see rickshaw pullers around, anyone can watch them comfortably. Hence, they connect more. I do miss theatres, but this is the future. I’ve said it earlier, too.”

Mahie Gill was seen recently in the supernatural thriller Durgamati, which initially slated for a theatrical release but opted for a direct-to-OTT route owing to the pandemic. Mahie Gill says – “Viewership dekho! During the pandemic, when theatres released, they were giving them relief. I would have definitely wanted a theatrical release for Durgamati though.”

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Mahie Gill concludes by saying – “I’ve never been flamboyant, and not a very social person. But when it comes to work, I should do something which I enjoy. Plus, I don’t go on set and waste other people’s time saying ‘I don’t like this role’. I’ve to be sure, and need to be confident. Basically, when everything is taken care of- good people, actors, directors around you makes a lot of difference.”

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