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Vijay Sethupati says it took me 6 years to become actor

Vijay Sethupati says – “Whenever I work with senior actors, I go there like a student because I want to learn. I am never like ‘I have done so many films and I have so much experience’. He (Vijay) has been in the industry for more than 25 years. His fan base is massive and I want to learn from him, from his energy. That’s why I also worked with Rajini sir and Chiranjeevi sir.”

With the release of Master on OTT, a new set of audiences will discover Vijay Sethupathi, who is looking forward to the viewers’ reaction while disclosing the anxiety that the cast experienced before the film’s theatrical release during the pandemic. Vijay Sethupati says – “I kept asking the director and the producer, ‘Is it confirmed? Are we releasing the film?’ I was worried whether the government would allow theatres to open. We were worried right till January 12. But I’m happy that people liked the movie.”

Talking about earlier times, Vijay Sethupati says – “As actors, we perform so many characters and that gives us maturity. If I have ego, that means I don’t have the maturity. For me, art form is not a business. It depends on the business but it is not a business. It is a feeling. It is the trust between you and your work. Your work will speak for you if you spend time with it and listen to it. If I do my work with responsibility, I’ll be here.”

Vijay Sethupati shares – “I’m a middle class man. I tried for movies after I got married and my wife did not know that I was trying for movies. It took six years for me to become a hero, until then I was playing the hero’s friend or doing small roles. I did not earn much either. My wife was worried about our kids’ future and our life. I believe that was the biggest risk in my life, not this (taking on complex characters).”

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