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The Legend Of Michael Mishra Movie Review

The B Town has a couple of release today, which certainly includes the film called The Legend of Michael Mishra. It is a comedy movie, which is presented by Ponty Chadha’s Waves Cinemas, while it is produced by Kishor Arora and Sharneen Mantri Kedia under the banner of Eyecandy Films, while it is directed and written by Manish Jha. The film has actors like Arshad Warsi, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kayoze Irani and Bomany Irani. This is the first time when Boman Irani and his son Kayoze Irani has come together to share the screen space. Well, time to dig in deep to get the gist of the film as under:


The film revolves around a good called Michael Mishra played by Arshad Warsi who is based at Patna and known for kidnapping. He entered this world with a murder carried out in an accident thus dragging him in this area wherein he was accidently and soon was seen entering the world of crime. While running away from police, he comes in touch with a young girl Varsha Shukla played by Aditi Roy Hydari. It is a first sight love for the underworld don but soon gets busy in his life till he finds her again.  This time he plans to woo her but once she falls in love with this man she poses a condition before him to shun the world of crime. He then confesses about his crime and asks court to prosecute him for which he gets the punishment of 500 years. So what happens next is interesting to catch up in the close one theatres.

Script Analysis

You may find a stage in the film wherein you would feel like ripping away your hair while watching this movie but soon end up cursing the person who has written down this script. The film showing a teenage girl uttering hello is really unpalatable, how come a teenager’s voice remains the same years after years when she meets the man again who had fall in love with him.  One may call the film to be funny but there is hardly any quirky element giving the least of the chuckle that can remind you about your sense of humor. Soon you get to see some vague kinds of twists, which come along in your life making things very much predictable. The portrayal of the small town from Bihar is really terrible as one should know that Patna is more than guns and goons. Well, there are loads of similar flaws to check while you go on to catch this film.

Star Performances

Arshad Warsi is a good actor though but seeing in such roles is a matter of dismay. Thanks to the bad script and pathetically written character of this man, his acts too are seen getting faltered. Also, he is often seen struggling a lot to get the accent of Bihari. Aditi Roy Hydari no doubt looks cool but has given an average performance. She has tried a lot to impress being a glam girl but fails to do so. A good actor in this film working as a narrator in the movie is being wasted by the director, he has fewer jobs to do, which makes him again an average performer. Another waste resource is Kayoze Irani the son of Boman who plays the role of Half Ticket, he has nothing much to do yet is being roped in for no reason.

Direction, Music and other elements

The film has anything legendary in it, both ludicrous story and dull direction skills would certainly harass the audience. The film has a number of flaws, which are not even worthy to be discussed here. Poorly crafted sequences, dull dialogues, bad screenplays and similar other rots in the movie, there is hardly anything to catch up. The music and soundtrack of the movie is again bad making things from bad to worse. You have managed to stay on your seat till the last scene can be an achievement in itself.

The Legend of Michael Mishra Last Word

There is hardly anything to watch in the film. Right from the poor plot to bad direction skills, music and average performances, there isn’t much to catch up in the film. Yet if you are able to survive till the last scene, you have much to celebrate. This barely gives much of the opportunities to the critics to allow to give a higher rating.

Rating – 1.5


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