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Laila Majnu Review : It’s an enchanting love story with some stunning glimpses to catch making it a treat to our eyes

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Laila Majnu Review :
Movie – Laila Majnu
Director-Sajid Ali
Star cast – Avinash Tiwari, Tripti Dimri, Sumit Kaul, Mir Sarwar
Genre – romance, drama
Producer – Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Preety Ali
Production Studio – Balaji Motion Pictures and PI Pictures
Screenplay –       Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali
Cinematography – Sayak Bhattacharya
Rating – 3.0
The film is set at the backdrop of Kashmir, which happens to be the doomed love story of Kais and Laila as their love faces too much of hurdles with a tragic ending that we all know. But how does the Ali brothers are able to portray at the silver screen is interesting to catch in your nearest cinema.
We have known the specialty of Imtiaz Ali and his films. He keeps things simple having love at the center and picturesque background too much of travel and roads on the other side. Many of his fans watch his films only to check what new he has in his films. The film Laila Majnu though have less travel stuff but it has picturesque and most stunning places of Kashmir to see, which was witnessed in the trailer he released a couple of days back. When Laila Majnu was announced, we all know the story but the way it was made by Imtiaz Ali had created the buzz in the media. The film somewhere is gorgeous and enchanting for the above reasons.
We all know the story as we have seen the replica of this classic time and again over the silver screen in the B Town. But Ali has managed to retain the beauty of the film with good screenplay, good music and other content. However, he proved naïve in the selection of the lead actors in the film as both the male and female lead actors are among the novices and have been doing their debut with this film in pivotal roles. Both of them seemed lagging behind in portraying the kind of emotions classic like is supposed to carry. Also there are other flaws, which cropped up due to the presence of novices. However, the film has several other good elements like music, good cinematography, good screenplay and technical stuff.
Laila Majnu The Last Word
When it comes to Laila Majnu it can be called as a treat to our eyes considering the cool glimpses of Kashmir that still remains with its eternal beauty. However, catching up the classic with the same old love story and tragedy will be completely your decision.
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