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Kya Dilli Kya Lahore Movie Review

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore Movie poster

Cast: Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, Raj Zutshi, Vishwajeet Pradhan

Director: Vijay Raaz

Review : The movie Kya DIlli Kya Lahore has finally hit the theaters today, with the main cast as Vijay Raaz, Raj Zutshi, Manu Rishi, and Vishwajeet Pradhan. It is directed by Vijay Raaz, while falls under the category of drama having the time duration of 1 hour 38 minutes. If you check the story line in nutshell, you find an Indian and Pakistani soldier based at the border battle, bond and bicker found over the twister fate that is caused by the bloody and lethal kind of partition of India. The crux of the movie seems to be the battle banter found over the cross border firing and the dialogue bombardment, which was seen during the 1948 wherein the border lines between the two countries (India and Pak) was seen getting reeked with fresh kind of blood. In current context, the boundaries seem to be very much dull, while the boundaries have dulled and the battle lines have changed and become tougher.

In a modern onslaught of dialogues this movie is seen dealing with the languid laughter and darker humor based uniform. Hence with all the stems and scarred memories having with deep partition wounds, things have painfully throbbed over the generations. The story comes from Gulzar (writer/lyrist), which unfolds when a Paki solider called Rehmat (Raaz) who is originally from Delhi is displaced to Pakistan, while he is seen confronting with an Indian solder known as Samarth (Rishi) who is brought up in Lahore now is seen migrating to Delhi. You therefore find a satirical conversation between the two, which turns into a heart rending story. At last, both the inbred souls are sharing the nostalgia bond.

The director, Vijah sees to be new (in fact, this is his debut movie as director) simply stays very close and focused over this subject wherein you have limited locations to show and limited other characters. Yet you can call the movie as a reminiscent of the Oscar winning movie – No Man’s Land. Amidst the movie, you also find one issue wherein the actors are interacting in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi languages, which at times makes difficult to understand the raging emotions. Both the actors and their performances have been incredible, while their score at the backend simply add tear jerking heaviness. One of the best part of the movie is that you can hear some incredible poetic prologue from the living legend Gulzar. And without the customary trapping of the movie fanfare, KDKL can be seen having a heart at the right place, which is nothing but pure and undivided seen unlike the pre partition brotherhood.

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