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Kritika Kamra says haven’t seen anything like Tandav in 2021

Kritika Kamra recently opens up about everything in an interview. Talking about her role in Tandav, Kritika Kamra says – “I am playing Sana Mir, a political science student. She hails from Kashmir and is politically very active. It’s actually very difficult to describe her in a few lines. Like most characters in the show, Sana is also very intense. She has these journalistic dreams even as she is involved in campus politics. There is a very interesting arc to her character.”

Talking about how Tandav happen, Kritika Kamra says – “I got a call from the casting team for an audition. While they did not give me any details, the scene I read was very interesting. That made me really intrigued, and I wanted to know more about the world. Till that time, I didn’t even know who was making it. The round went really well, and after we had a few more tests, I was given the bound script. Incidentally, I was traveling then and the script was so complex, with so many tracks running together, that I couldn’t read it at one go. I actually relished it and read an episode a day. By the time I finished it, I was blown away. I really wanted to do the show as I haven’t seen anything like this made in India.”

Kritika Kamra also shares her experience regarding director Ali Abbas Zafar. She says – “He is just great. Given his past work, we all expect his projects to be grand and a blockbuster. He does that so well. Since this is a political drama, everything is just so big and so amazingly shot. Ali is also very clear-headed and fast. He knows exactly what he wants and how you should do it. Once you are on the set, before you know, your scenes are over. It was actually a lot of fun shooting for Tandav.”


While further talking about her biggest takeaway from Tandav. Kritika Kamra says – “A lot. We shot for the show a long time back, and all of us have been really waiting for its release. I haven’t spoken about it, and no one knew I did this show. I have worked with some great people, and just the experience of being on the same set is my biggest takeaway. Tandav is the first series in this genre and it’s amazing as an actor to be a part of something so big. I think the experience, memories and learnings have been most important.”

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