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A Tryst with Rajat Choudhary a National Level Volleyball Player Making His Country Proud

Rajat Choudhary
Rajat Choudhary

Rajat Choudhary is a known name in Volleyball at the national level. Hailing from a small town Roorkee, Uttarakhand, he has come a long way to establish his niche in the said sports. He has led his life as an inspiration for many in the youth community since he tread the path of being a simple boy from a farmer’s family to fame in sports domain. Let’s know more about him in the following paragraphs:

Q: How Volleyball started in your life?

Ans: As a kid, I was fond of sports and was inclined to play different games and soon got attracted to playing volleyboys with my friends. I am from a farmer’s family, hence there was no one to guide me how to play it professionally. But at the age of 11 years i turned a regular player when I was in sixth grade. Looking at my interest and good gaming skills, I was advised by my teachers to pursue as a professional player. This way, I got admitted to the Maharana Pratap Sports College, New Delhi to shape his volleyball skills and it soon turned out to be a landmark thing in my life.

Q: Your first achievement?

Ans: After i got admitted at the said sports college, I got the chance to play the Under 14 National Level Tournament for Under 14 category in 2009. Since then it was no looking back for me, as I kept playing the game at different levels representing my district and state at different volleyball tournaments.

Q: Tell us about your international participation

Ans: Playing for my country was always in my vision and it is a proud moment when you get this opportunity to represent your nation in any international location. So, when I was enlisted in the volleyball team representing an international tournament in Thailand. I visited Thailand for the Asian School Volleyball Championships Thailand 2014 and it was like a dream come true for me. It gave me a very good experience and exposure not just playing with international teams but interacting and talking to them helped to learn a lot.

Q: What are your achievements so far as a professional volleyball player?

Ans: I played at different levels gaining big. Right from bagging the gold medal in the Youth National 2015 to getting Silver in the 68th Senior National Volleyball Championship with the Indian Railways team and getting the bronze medal at the Federation Cup in 2020,  I had a few such achievements as a professional volleyball player. Currently, I am practising for the upcoming national level volleyball tournaments.

Q: Any message for the youngsters?

Ans: For those who want to make a career in any sport, there is only golden rule – diligence, perseverance and integrity. Once you decide your goal, you need to focus on it with these three factors as there is  no short cut to success.

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