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Manoj Bajpayee says I am going to shoot back to back in 2021

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Manoj Bajpayee was last seen in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhaari. He is considered to be most versatile and generous actor. Recently he talks in an interview about many things and shares that he will be shooting back to back this whole year.

Talking about how 2020 was, Manoj Bajpayee says – “Somehow I am of the opinion that no situation is  extreme. Nothing is completely good or bad. What we experienced was a year of turmoil. But I think we were fortunate compared with  migrant labourers on the road.”

He further adds – “I feel blessed that we were able to adjust to the lockdown and somehow find  our way out of the situation, do  our meetings , interviews  on the phone—thank God for technology—so that way most of us were  blessed. But remembering what so many migrants  on the road had to face, I feel the year was terrible  for them. I pray that all those  who suffered come back to normal. May God give them the strength to find their normalcy.”

Manoj Bajpayee also shares the biggest takeaway due to last year’s crisis and says – “It’s excessive greed that caused this worldwide crisis. It’s also a warning not to take Nature for granted. The water, the greenery ,  the  plants and the animals…don’t  misuse them or you will lose them. If we don’t  take this warning seriously we’re doomed. We need to move away from too much greed, pretense, glamour, ambition. Stay real. Stay connected to the ground level.”

While adding up Manoj Bajpayee also talks about the early departure of many stalwarts and says – “Irrfan was such a  great loss. We started our careers at the same time. Somehow we were connected. I can’t imagine how his family  is doing without  him. It  was tragic and shocking. He  inspired so many people with his work. Rishiji (Kapoor) just want away  all of a sudden when he was  still a force to  reckon with. And  then  just a month later Sushant  left us.”

Talking about Sushant Singh Rajput Manoj Bajpayee says – “It rattled  all of us. I don’t  know  anyone  who  was  not shaken by his sudden going .And what  transpired after  Sushant’s death became   a correctional process for the industry. But some months later  the debate was subverted.  Vested interests  came in and the whole thing  became very ugly. To paint the whole film industry with the same  brush was  so  unfair  and  so demeaning. People with their own agendas made the  whole debate  so  ugly. That’s when I moved away  from the  debate .But one things is there. The ugliness will be forgotten. Sushant will be remembered forever. We all will miss him.”



Manoj Bajpayee shares how he reacts to toxicity of Social Media and says – “It will continue. People are empowered with access to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. They always had an opinion but didn’t know how and where to vent it. Now they have the platform. They can abuse, insult or compliment. It’s their choice .We just have  to live with it. I hardly use  the  social media. I go to it when I have a  film to promote and then I disappear. I won’t give 14-15 hours to it. I’ve work and family . That’s my life. Not  the social media. Being left out is  the  feeling that gets us sucked  into it. We’ve  to overcome it.”

Talking about plans of 2021 Manoj Bajpayee says –
“Without meaning to be immodest I must tell you  I am going to be shooting back-to-back this year. It’s because of  the pile-up of work  last year  due to  nine  months  of  no work. I have told my wife and daughter about my excessive workload this year and I hope they will understand. I just took them for a holiday to Goa for the New Years. Now it’s work work and  more work. I hope to not only improve my craft of acting but  also to take Indian cinema ahead with  the films that  I do. I am giving it all. And keeping my fingers crossed.”
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