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Dino Morea recently talks on getting due in Bollywood – 2021

Dino Morea recently opens up about his journey, exclusively in an interview. He says – “Everyone’s yardstick of due is different. I did a fair number of really good movies. I did a fair number of movies which were successful. Maybe I didn’t sustain because some of the offers coming my way were not great.”

Actor Dino Morea further adds and says – “If I look at it in a more selfish space, yeah, there is so much more I want to do. There is so much more I feel I could have done if I was given the right opportunity. But the opportunity didn’t come my way and that’s how I look at it, but I don’t want to sulk about it. I want to work on myself and I still got time to create that opportunity.”

Dino Morea also reveals about rejection and says – “But it has not affected me. I have not taken it to heart,”

He further says – “You get rejections, you get rejected and you will feel bad, you will feel sad because you feel that there is something you feel you can do justice to it, but they (producers) don’t feel that you can do justice to it. So, I can go home and sulk or I can go home and hope for another brighter better day. Rejections are part and parcel of this game and one needs to be ready for it mentally to take that rejection.”

Dino Morea says – “Even after Raazthere were one or two films I wanted to be a part of but I couldn’t be a part of, but then I did Aksar which was also a success. So, this is all part of the game. This is how it works. You have good days and there are bad days,”

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