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Priya Banerjee – full censorship is not possible on OTT

Priya Banerjee

Priya Banerjee being seen on many OTT platforms and shows. Talking about the full censorship on OTT, she says – “It is going to be a challenge to censor so much of content that we have on different OTT platforms. I feel it is intenet and things are available online anyway. I don’t know how they are going to censor it. It is going to be difficult.”

Actress Priya Banerjee was last seen in “Twisted 3“. Priya Banerjee further adds and says – “I am not completely against censorship or for it but yes there are things that can be eliminated from a lot of shows. A lot of it is unnecessary and only for titillation. But still full censorship is not going to be possible at the end of the day. Let’s see, as an actor I can just sit and watch and follow the protocols.”

Priya Banerjee tells – “As an actor Bekaboo is my biggest success because of the story. I don’t think it was worked because of the erotic bit/I have met fans who has praised how they loved my performance. It is a feminism based show and that was what sold me when I read the script. I didn’t even read the intimate bits. There were part of the story. They are okay but that should not be the only thing selling in the show.”

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