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Kochadiyaan Movie Review

kochadaiyaan reviews

Cast : Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff

Review : The wait and eagerness of millions of Rajnikanth’s fans’ is over to have Kochadiyaan hitting the theaters today. This mega budget movie can be availed in different languages. The movie somewhere can be called as a historical fiction, which is interestingly being directed by his own daughter – Soudarya Ashwin. This movie is basically a 3D computer animated phase movie, which is being directed by his daughter, while the story comes from the man called KS Ravikumar. The excessive and extraordinary use of technology in the movie production has made this movie the most awaited one not only for the Rajnikanth’s fan but also for the ones who do not fall into this category. Indeed, the very presence of this man has transcended the hype of the movie not just in south India but also the other parts of the country.

Besides Rajnikanth, who is seen in three different characters, you can find others like Deepika Padukone, R Sarathkumar, Aadhi, Rukumini, Shobana, Nassar, Jackie Shroff and Vijaykumar are seen giving voice to different animated characters in Kochadiyaan. Nassar and Jackie are seen giving voice to the supporting characters in the film, while the music comes non other than the legend – AR Rehman. Well, time to dig the technology’s impact in the movie, which makes it different from the other movie churning over the box office.

The story line of the movie can be called as the period movie, which is inspired by Pandiyaan king called Kochadaiiyaan Ranadhiran of the eighth century. The movie encircles around the combat of bad against the good and the courage of the man to stand against the injustice and tyranny. The brilliance of this character simply dominates the movie. It talks about the nasty struggle against the elements who intends to snatch the crown from the king. At number of places, the director comes with a claim that she has used some of the most modern and contemporary.  To a great extent, the claim seems to be appropriate provided you compare with only the Indian movies; however, if you do the same with Hollywood movies, you may see the wow effects missing out there.

Above all, Rajnikanth can be called as the star of the movie while his performance is par above the age where he falls into. The stunts you find in this movie is incredible, while you would for sure like his stylish acting and delivery style that comes with robust grace. The movie’s story line is well conceived while the characters are very much dynamic and well rounded. In short, the movie comes with very much special effects yet you can find a number of elements that can woo and entertain the audience. Above all, the performance of Rajnikanth seems to be incredible.

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