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Heropanti Movie Review

Heropanti film review

Cast : Tiger ShroffKriti Sanon

Review – Today, Heropanti has hit the theaters with main cast as Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Sandeepa Dhar and Vikram Singh. The director and producer of the movie is Sabbir Khan and Sajid Nadiawala respectively, while the story is conceived by the man called Sanjeev Dutta. The story of the movie revolves around Bablu who helps Rakesh in escaping with Renu the daughter of Chaudhry Suraj Singh. Heropanti is all about the aftermath of Bablu’s encounter with Suraj Singh and of course his daughter- Dimpy. Well, we can call Heropanti as DDLJ, which is seen wearing the knuckle dusters. The action of the movie is seen in the land of Jat community which is governed by the rural king called Chaudhary Suraj Singh (Raj). Amidst the story he is seen amidst the gala time of his daughter’s (Renu played by Sandeepa Dhar) arranged marriage.

You can find the wedding in the Haryanvi style amidst all the loud sound of booze and bullets, while people are seen enjoying the chineese food (Chowmein). In the fervor of celebration, where all the lords of the community and law/order (the encounter specialist cop) are discovered, the planned escape of Renu is seen executed with the help of Rakesh. In the chase, she seems to lose her heart to a young man called Bablu (played by Tiger) who is seen pummeling the Haryanvis very hard. This young man is seen with some mindboggling stunts and incredible actions, which carried out on his own.

The movie is seen captivating the colorful stress and tension of Haryanvi life, wherein she has escaped to lead her life as per own whims and fancies. You can see Raj showcasing the hammy character of his father, however, you can find him with drastic agony, while you can find a number of relatives like the parental and maternal uncles and Dimpy’s fiancé are seen muscular menace backed by rustic kind of comedy as well. You can really applaud the dancing and action of Tiger Shroff when he is seen fighting with these people along with romancing with his lady love.

You can find the movie carrying the old flab and flair of 90’s where both the lady lead character is seen trying colorful and coordinated attires and Tiger is seen showcasing with some awful kind of goggles. You can find more amounts of snags detracting from some otherwise tight kind of direction. At the same time you can find the dilemma of Renu and Rakesh is seen without any justice and the excessive of comedy can add more number of yawns rather than the chuckles.  Yet you may find the movie enjoyable to some extent as the climax of Heropanti embarks with action and other things. 3 star would be more than enough for movies like Heropanti.

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