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Aditya Chopra

Aditya ChopraAditya Chopra Biography

Born: May 21, 1971 (age 43), Mumbai
Spouse: Rani Mukerji (m. 2014), Payal Khanna (m. 2001–2009)
Siblings: Uday Chopra
Parents: Yash Chopra, Pamela Chopra
Upcoming movie: Paani

Aditya Chopra was born in the year of 1971 on the date of 21st May. As a child the symptoms of APD improved inside this legend which he later sorted out by the time of his teenage. This man in his early periods of his career started working as an assistant director under his father Yash Chopra and gave the consequence of success which is note worthy. Even today many upcoming directors consider this legendary man as their idol and get inspired by his work. The name of YRF is enough to make an actor or an actress or even the film a hit. Aditya always believed in simplicity and is more inclined films related to the morals and thus a good story is served to the people.

Sources suggest Aditya made the highest grossing films of the Indian cinema and is still working on the issue to entertain the viewers at the fullest.

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His recent top rated works include Jabtak ai Jaan featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Ek Tha Tiger featuring Salman Khan and Dhoom 3 featuring Amir Khan. He is not only a film maner but also many television shows are also produced by him like Coffee with Karan, Satya meva Jayate, Kismat, Khotey Sikkey and many more such hit shows.

Recently Aditya tied knots with actress Rani Mukherjee in 2014 May – Italy and returned back to Mumbai. The legend won many great awards like the Apsara awards for the production, IIFA awards for the best story, National award as a director, and many such achievements.

A legendary director working out hard and dedicating his whole life to mould the Indian Cinema and making this industry one of the finest in the world. The road to success is never so easy like in his case also he had to work hard and to get his job done. Whom we know today as a successful person was an ordinary man starting his journey of success holding the hands of his father. Many famous films were directed and produced by Aditya in the later parts and the success still continues. Born in 1971 21st May in the areas of Mumbai. With the help and support of Aditya Chopra the YRF has become the biggest and the most successful film industry in the history of Indian Cinema.

Earlier married to Payal Khanna then due to some instabilities in the relationship got divorced, recently he has tied knots with Rani Mukherjee who is a successful actress in the film industry. The studio of YRF hosts many favorite television shows of the people. The legend has won many awards and prizes for his great work and is looking forward to make more of it. He independently helped YRF produce many films and thus spreading them to a wider section of the society.

Aditya Yash Chopra has won the hearts of the millions through his work. There are many new faces in the giant silver screen that we see and get engrossed are all launched from the YRF industries and Aditya giving opportunities to everyone. Many such names include Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Kapoor, Ranbir Singh, Anushka Sharma and may more.

Not only this, the director, screen writer, producer, distributer has won many awards like IIFA, Stardust, Zee Cine Awards National Awards and many more for his various works. In this date let’s celebrate his birthday by wishing him.

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