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Watch out for the first look of the movie Hawaizaada

Hawaizaada movie first look

The movie Hawaizaada is a film which is inspired by the story of Shivkar Talpade. Shivkar as per claims is the person who first constructed the unmanned airplane. Shivkar is also a person who has flow first an unmanned airplane well before the discovery of Wright brothers.  The leading star and actor of this film is Ayushman Khurana. The actor will be playing the role of leading storyline character whose story is inspired to that of Shivkar Talpade’s story.

From the first look release of this film, it is fair to say that movie will be quite entertaining and worth watching. Ayushman will be seen playing role of a great Maharashtrian Scientist. As a scientist, Ayushman will be seen constantly experimenting with different butterfly planes to improve its model. The scientist character faces a lot of struggle experimenting will different plane models including pigeon as well as fish plane. In later part, the scientist finally gets some success as he finally gets one of his planes to fly.

Director of the movie Hawaaizaada, Vibhu Puri said that the movie has been made after an extensive deep research done for about 2 years on planes. Moreover Ayushman specially learned Marathi language for this film to properly fit in appearance and talk of a pure Maharashtrian scientist. As far as planes in movie are concerned, the planes are made from the remains of original models which were constructed way back in 1895. Name of the original plane is Marutsakha which took flight in 1895. Original plane remains were kept as it is but were used as an inspiration to construct a similar looking model for the film.

Hawaizaada star cast will also include big names of Pallavi Sharda and of Mithun Chakraborthy who will be seen as co-stars in this film.

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