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Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu Movie Review

Kis Kiso Pyar Karoon Movie review

Flawed Script, overacting and weird Film

This Friday, you have a couple of movies releasing with different genre and subjects. One of these includes the film called Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu, which his directed and produced by Abbas Mastan, one of the veteran filmmakers of B Town. The film has all the novices and newbie in it, which include the ace comedian – Kapil Sharma in the lead role doing the lead role in it, while the a slew of actresses like Manjari Phadnis, Simran Kaur Mundi, Amrita Puri, Elli Avram, Sai Lokur, Varun Sharma, Sharat Saxena, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Joshi, Sharad Sankla (Charlie), and needless to name Jamie Lever who is the daughter of Johnny Lever. Now, let us dig deep into the film to get the crux of the same as under:


Meet the man in the centre – Kapil Sharma with three characters called Shiv, Ram and Kishan who is the wife of three ladies called Simran, Manjari and Lokur. This man has to marry thrice to avert certain unwanted situations coming to him though he manages to hide this secret with others, while his friend played by Varun Sharma knows this fact. Amidst all his efforts to lead a normal husband of the three, there is loads of laughter to catch with. The twist comes when despite living in the same building with three wives together on different flours, he falls in love with another girl. So what happens at the end of the film is interesting to catch amidst lots of humour and interest.

Script Analysis

The script has nothing new in it as this subject has been visible in a couple of comedy films particularly from Govinda movies that has been doing this subject of handling two wives at one time. So, there is hardly novelty in it, and with controversy of replicating the same story as seen in the Tamil one has also hit the nerve of the filmmaker to some extent. More or less, there is no creativity or innovation being felt apart from the comedy one can encounter in the film from the comedy King Kapil Sharma. We heard people applauding Kapil for his performance, however, this applauds seem hollow, as we all know how good Kapil is making people laugh with a script. But as said, too much of comedy can make things messy and Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu is no exception. The film moves around like a comedy show, with not any particular flow to follow. This has simply managed to wreck havoc in the film to a great extent giving not much to the audience except to the die hard fans of Kapil Sharma.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu  Review Star Performance

As far as Kapil Sharma is concerned, he is an ace comedian and loves to make people laugh especially the ones that come extempore. However, with scripted, it can appear to be bookish and artificial, which this man seems to be suffering in the movie.  Too much of comedy has given an impression that we are catching up a Comedy Show properly scripted rather than having come for a film with comedy in its subject. Kapil in his debut film had a decent outcome in terms of acting and performance. Now, if we check others particularly Elli Avram who is playing the character of his girl friend, she too had a decent performance, however, the others in the row playing the characters of his three wives were simply horrible. And what more laugh worthy was the presence of Arbaz Khan in the role of a don, who seemed simply pathetic in it. Performance wise, there is anything worthy to catch except some good punches of Kapil and the man called Varun Sharma to some extent.

Direction, Music and Technical Stuff

The film is a decent one in terms of direction, however, Abbas Mastan had tough time directing a comedy since it is not their genre. They are more known for giving thriller movies, which encompasses a worthy mystery in it, whether you talk about Bazigar or Race, they have been incredible in this genre. However, in comedy, they did a failed attempt though their idea to rope in the king of comedy was good but it didn’t work. Hence there isn’t much power in their direction unlike their other films. Now, music is okay and similar is the story with editing, screenplay and locations. However, these elements didn’t add much value to make the film relishing comedy.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Review – Last Word

This is not much to catch in the film rather some punches unlike the ones we see Kapil saying the same in his comedy show. The script seemed flawed with not much of innovation or creativity in it. Similar is the story with the action part, as most of the female actors are newbie they failed to make any difference on the silver screen. Thus film doesn’t really deserve a higher rating, which is full with overacting and too much of humour, which becomes difficult to digest most of the time.

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