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Bhaag Johnny Movie Review

Bhaag-Johnny Movie review

Naive Acting Performance Poor Storyline is Thy film – Bhaag Johnny 

One of the movies releasing this Friday is thriller called Bhaag Johnny. It is redirected by the man called Shivam Nair, while produced by a slew of people having a blend of Bhatts and Kumars in it. The film has Kunal Khemu, Zoa Morani, Mandana Karimi, Elli Avram  and Vikram Bhatt in the lead roles, which is produced under the banner of Super Cassettes Industries Limited. The music of the film has again a slew of people, which certainly include Yo Yo Honey Singh, who is seen back with this film after a brief break from the industry, in fact, he has one song in it, which he has composed and sung for Bhaag Johnny. Let’s take a dip in this film to get the gist of the same as under:


Meet a man called Janardhan “Johnny” Arora played by Kunal Khemu, who is known to lead two lives borne out due to different reasons. In fact, he is forced to lead the life of two people, while the film showcases the series of events that occur in his life while leading the two different lives. The idea behind this film is to catch the glimpse of a life of one man who has no option but to lead two different lives at the very same time. Amidst all this you can find two women in life, and the complexity along with other aspects of his life that makes the movie complex and interesting to catch. So, what happens at the end is worthy to catch when the secret of one man leading two lives come out, may be this is the only when he is asked by his well wisher- Bhaag Johnny.

Script Analysis

The script though poses out to be different and full of thrill lack creativity. As you sit down to catch up the film, you may easily make out, what happens the next in the film since such subjects have been dealt in the past by veteran directors? However, this time, it comes with some changes and additions, which hardly makes much of the difference for serious kind of movie goers. This is the reason, why larger chunk of the film isn’t that entertaining at it lacks the ends and bones in it.

Star Performance

Let’s start with Kunal Khemu who plays the character of Johnny in it, has not much to pose on the silver screen as again he is the victim of the same problem. Though Kunal has been in the movies since his childhood, he is still to learn much about acting and performance. This is perhaps the reason, why he is still not under the category of stars and has flop movies in his career. He is again pitted with the monotony, which he has been portraying over the silver screen in every damn movie he does. Similar acting, no homework to understand the character, so just forget about entering the character’s shoe in a right way. The others in the film seems to be similar taste and performance, which Kunal has been known and discussed here. These include all the ladies including the two – Zoa Morani as Tanya and Mandana Karimi.

Direction, Music and Technical Stuff

Shivam Nair though is a known name in small screen industry, however, in B Town, he has to go miles to get that perfection to make really cool movies. And Bhaag Johnny seems falling flat in terms of content, good story and performance. He failed to direct the men and women in the film in the right direction or may be tried his luck on the wrong people so embarking with something incredible in terms of performance and story is out of question. Music seems better though but the real charm goes in the hot song in the film catching up Urvashi Rautela in the item song Daddy Mummy. Well there is not much worthy to be discussed about the other elements as they failed to boost up the entertaining value of the film.

Bhaag Johnny Last Word

Bhaag Johnny has not much in it both in terms of content and performance. Considering the naive performance from Kunal Khemu who though seems to be an actor present since long in B Town, along with the novices who failed to give a decent performance, there isn’t anything cool about the film. So, in nutshell, shabby performance, low music tunes, flawed script are thy name Bhaag Johnny, which will need miles to go in order to compete with other movies releasing this Friday. Unless, you are Kunal Khemu, which I doubt you are, there is no point in catching up this film.

Rating – 1.0

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