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Katrina Kaif Discusses Zoya Spin-off, Collaborating on an Action Film with Ali Abbas Zafar, and Her Approach to Selecting Film Projects

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Katrina Kaif addressed the ongoing buzz surrounding a potential standalone Zoya film. Maintaining an air of mystery, she simply stated, “I can’t speak of it. Mum is the word. Secrets.” This cryptic response has further fueled fan anticipation, hinting at the possibility of a Zoya-centric project in the works.

Katrina has previously expressed her desire to headline a female-led action franchise. Prior to the pandemic, director Ali Abbas Zafar was reportedly developing a super soldier film with Katrina in the lead role. When asked about this project, Katrina remarked, “Ali is a great friend and we discuss a lot of ideas. He is such a bright mind and is always thinking. The wheels in his mind are always turning. There are a few things we have always discussed and of course, Adi and I have also discussed many things. Everything has to align and it will happen.”

With Tiger 3 and Merry Christmas currently occupying her schedule, Katrina’s future projects remain uncertain. The actress emphasized her commitment to carefully selecting her next film projects and ensuring a positive working environment. She expressed her desire to pick up the right roles and collaborate with talented individuals.

Katrina Kaif’s cryptic response regarding a potential Zoya spin-off has ignited fan excitement, leaving them eagerly anticipating further developments. Her willingness to explore female-led action projects and her emphasis on choosing the right roles suggest that the actress is poised for continued success in the years to come.

Katrina Kaif emphasized the importance of self-reflection and alignment in her decision-making process, particularly at this stage of her career. She acknowledged that her choices have evolved over time, driven by a deeper connection with scripts, characters, and the stories she wants to be a part of. This conscious approach, coupled with her personal growth, has led her to adopt even stricter criteria when selecting projects.

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