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Karenvir SPEAKS on how he was referred to as “gareeb” by a photographer at Sidharth’s apartment for driving a non-luxury car

Following Sidharth Shukla’s untimely death, colleagues in the entertainment world like Vikas Gupta and Kushal Tandon have expressed their displeasure with individuals who have flocked to the actor’s home to pay their respects.

Karenvir Bohra, a friend of Sidharth’s, sees the problem from a different angle. “I don’t see these people’s concern as a publicity ploy. I am moved that even those who didn’t know Sidharth are visiting his mother, posting their condolences, and sending their prayers on social media. To me, this proves how much Sidharth was loved. He was very popular. His going has made a lot of difference to his fans and well-wishers. Why presume that your concern is genuine while others are fake?”

He further said, “Even if it comes from strangers, it is welcome. During bereavement, the family likes to hear kind words about the one who is gone. Why are we casting aspersions on simple heartfelt gestures of kindness?”

Karenvir lashes out at some sections of the media after Sidharth Shukla’s demise. “If you ask me, the ones actually trying to make mileage out of the tragedy are media persons, some photographers who think they have the right to shoot anyone’s private moment just because they have a camera. I think shooting Shehnaaz Gill’s [Sidharth’s lady love] private moments of grief on the phone and outing it on the internet reeks of insensitivity. I think it’s highly inappropriate.”

Karenvir was referred to as “gareeb” by a photographer at Sidharth’s apartment since he was driving a non-luxury car. To this, he says, “Was I there to show off my car and how affluent I am? The family is in mourning, dammit! It is such people who give a bad name to the paparazzi.”

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