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Childhood love portrayed beautifully in Zee Music video ‘Tere aane se pehle’ starring Priyanka Khurana Goyal directed by Sourabh Lakshkar

Who doesn’t love a good romantic song that reminds you of that one person from your childhood? Bringing back all the nostalgia is the newest love ballad ‘Tere aane se pehle’.

The soulful melodies of the song go perfectly with the video where the protagonist is in love with a beautiful girl and spends most of his time with her. The scene switches to him painting a picture when his friend walks in tells him that gathers girl isn’t real, and the rest of the music video captures the story of how he finds the girl that he has been in love with.

The video stars Mrs. Earth and Mrs. India winner Priyanka Khurana Goyal and Dinesh Kirar, Many people say that childhood love is pure and that’s what this music video captures beautifully. The intention of the song is to believe that no matter what anyone says, you will find the love of your life if you have faith and listen to your heart.

‘Tere aane se pehle’ is directed by Sourabh Lakshkar and produced by G.K Singh and Sourabh Lakshkar. It is co-produced by Mohit Digambar with Abhishek Shrivastav as the associate producer.

The shooting for the music video was done in just two days, following which, the video was shared with ZEE music and they decided to release the video under their label.

The video also features Aarrin Dev, Jayesh Shivaji Bhor, and Aayesha Vindhara. The song is composed by Sunil Devbanshi and voiced by Mausumi Mishra and Prasun Bhattacharya.

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