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Kamal Rashid Khan: Self-Styled Bollywood Critic Hits Fast Forward On Self Sabotage

Kamaal R Khan

Kamal Rashid Khan, the self-styled film critic, who enjoys 5.2 million followers on Twitter, has made a nasty tweet about Bollywood screenwriter Kanika Dhillon’s looks and questioned her for having “so much sex” in her films. Netizens were up in arms while lending their support to her after she lambasted controversial Indian film critic and actor Kamal Rashid Khan over his ‘sexist’ remarks about her. Kamal is infamous in B-Town for his loud-mouth personality and blunt reactions to new movies and for targeting actors and directors.

Twitter Post KRK & Kanika Dhillon

An infuriated Kanika shot back at Kamal and described him a bully and objecting to his “sexist” comments on her.

Twitterati soon joined in support of Kanika and heavily trolled Kamal for his comments.

Calling his comments “cheap” and “sick”, some Twitter users even questioned why was Kamal’s account was still active.

Kanika’s film “Judgemental Hai Kya” starring actress Kangana Ranaut opposite Rajkummar Rao had created a buzz in the Indian film industry before its release, courtesy the amount of “sexual content” that the flick has. Recently, the film was slapped with a “15 certificate” by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), implying that audiences below the age of 15 in the UK would not be allowed to watch the Bollywood movie.

Kamal Rashid Khan is infamous for his blunt take on everything under the sky. He never shies away from adding his two cents to every conversation. Most of his tweets are controversial in nature and he is often crass in his opinion on things. Recently, the actor crudely tweeted about screenwriter Kanika Dhillon. This tweet didn’t sit well with the writer and she responded to it.

KRK tweeted, “I was always thinking that why does so beautiful girl #KanikaDhillon talks so much about sex in her films? Because I saw her beautiful pics only. But then I got chance to see her personally. And I came to know that she doesn’t have any other option to get out her frustration.”

Kanika Dhillon

Kanika responded to the tweeted sternly and wrote, “He bullies ppl; attacks women, passes lewd sexist comments, indulges in slander. N v let him so he gets more obnoxious! Attack us-4 what? 4 tryin 2 do R jobs! Yes I’m a WOMAN; I’m self-made, I’m pretty n I have a VOICE! Hopefully oneday ull b man enuf 2deal wid it! @kamaalrkhan getwellsoon”

Kanika Dhillon is currently one of the most sought after screenwriters in Bollywood. She worked in films like ManmarziyaanKedarnath and quite recently Judgementall Hai Kya. This action by Kanika proved that she not only has the power to create intense characters but also to stand up for what is right and what is not.

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