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Abhishek Bachchan’s Franchise – Jaipur Pink Panthers Looks Tough this Time in Pro Kabbadi League Season 7

As Jaipur Pink Panthers celebrates its victory against U Mumba in their debut match this season, it would be interesting to explore more about it. This season, the Jaipur Pink Panthers look tough, all thanks to the preparations they have carried out this year to show their might in the tournament this season. The fact of the matter is they have even proved the same by winning the match with a good margin of 42-23 over the said team. It was the captain Deepak Niwas Hooda who alone scored 11 raid points making this victory not just possible but in a big way. 

However, the real credit of this victory goes to the entire team who played so well. If you look at the team Jaipur Pink Panthers, we have 19 players in the squad. Starting with the captain, we have Deepak Niwas Hooda as the captain who is the all-rounder. The next comes Ajinkya Ashok Pawar the raider, besides six more raiders in the team, which include Deepak Narwal, Guman Singh, Lokesh Kaushik, Milind Chaturanga, Nilesh Salunke, and Sushil Gulia. In the defenders’ list, we have Pavan TR as the defender right cover, Amit Hooda as defender right corner, Elavarasan A as the defender left to cover, Karamvir as defender left corner, Sandeep Kumal Dhull as the defender left the corner, and Sunil Siddhgavali the defender. Besides these, the team also has all-rounders which include Dong Gyu Kim, Nitin Rawal, Sachin Narwal, Santhapanaselvam and Vishal to name them all. 

The team’s affiliation with celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan and others have made its popularity at its peak but it has also gained recognition by winning the inaugural season of PKL in 2014 when Jaipur Pink Panther beat U Mumba. However, in the second season, there seemed to be some decline in terms of performance of the team but in the third and fourth season, they were back in the race to improve their performance in a big way getting into the playoffs. The team has its official theme as Roar for Panthers, while it has always maintained its official colour as pink and blue. GS Entertainment Worldwide takes care of the management of the team, which is headed by Mr.Bunty Walia. 

As the team won the debut match against U Mumba, it came out with something interesting in this season beating the said team in the initial days of the PKL. Perhaps, the team owner Jr. Bachchan should also be given the credit as he was present in the match cheering his team and just before heading to the field to face the opponents, he met them personally and boosted them. That morale worked in favour of his team and they ended up coming out in flying colours in the very first match of this season. Abhishek’s images went viral on the social media the way he was boosting his team from the audience’s panel. His wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the blue eyes diva was quick to share the pictures on Instagram along with congratulating the boys. And Abhishek says about his team no matter what his team would remain like a team.

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