Journalism is printing what someone else doesn’t want to be printed: Founder the Trishul News.

Trishul News

It takes years of hard work and courage to give shape to your dreams and go against the things working in common. Journalism is one such field people go to any extent to be at the top in the market. But Trishul News is surely not one of them. They count to provide the true and real side of the story to their audience as their prime objective. But the accuracy of Trishul can not be questioned.

The foundation of Trishul News was led in 2017 by Vandankumar Bhadani. He is the founder of Trishul News and one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Gujarat. It’s been 4 years and Trishul News is standing strong since then. Of Course, it’s never always smooth sailing but as time passed they gained the trust of people and popularity in the business.

The agenda is simple.
The agenda is to deliver news with purpose and not just for content. Trishul News verifies every single piece of news that goes viral and then delivers the true content out of it with facts.

When people get used to reading certain things that are fake they start believing them. After some time most people don’t want to hear the truth they just want reassurance that what they believe is true. They don’t want to break free of the stereotypes set. This is what fake news does to us. Trishul News wants people to break free from this and start looking at the true aspects of any situation and then figure out what is true and what is not.

People’s belief in Trishul News.
The trust that Trishul News has created in people helped it to earn a big audience of more than 9 million people. Readers around the globe are impressed by the authenticity of their news and the maximum number are from India. In the state of Gujarat, Trishul News have their own charm and have a huge fan base. The Facebook page has around 6 lakh followers.
New is what somebody, somewhere wants to suppress. Journalism doesn’t let this happen.

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