“Captivating the world through lenses”: Qader Nazari

Qader Nazari

Pictures, carry with them a ginormous emotional value and unfold tales that aid people in getting acquainted with a novel perspective. The art of photography, in itself is a blessed one, allowing the ones with the talent to view the world in a new light.

Qader Nazari, is a young blogger and photographer, in his early 20’s, and has captured wonders through the lenses of his camera. Having acquired a Master of Photography and procuring PPA certification, Qader commenced his iconic venture 6 years ago. In his journey, he has creatively captivated wonders and wit his imagination and passion for “the click” has grabbed a stance among the elite photographers.

An eye for detail and a technical enthusiast, with a skillset so mature and consummate that has brought immense acknowledgement to him, Qader has been awarded as the Silver Medalist photographer of the year . Qader’s merited prints have been accepted and recognized for depiction at international print exhibitions.

In this age, where photography as a form of art, has been catering as a source to visualize the world in a new light, Qader is one among the few, whose dedication and illustriousness has brimmed others with zeal. We really wish him to keep doing well marvelously.

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