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John Cena shared Asim’s picture, now Priyanka Chopra’s sister tweeted and said this to the makers

Asim riaz

Contestant Asim Riaz of Bigg Boss 13 has emerged as one of the best contestants. Nobody knew them before coming into the house. In these 4 months, he made his own identity and became famous among the public. His popularity has increased so much that the show’s strong contestants are competing with Siddharth Shukla. Viewers feel that the winner of this time will be Asim Riaz.

Asim Riyaz’s popularity is that a few days ago, Wrestler John Cena shared his picture on his Instagram account. Which went viral on sight. Now recently, for the second time, John Cena shared Asim’s picture. This shows that Asim has now become an international star.

Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera Chopra has expressed her opinion about this. She tweeted, ‘Because of Asim, Bigg Boss is getting so much popularity at international level. For this Bigg Boss should be thankful to Asim Riaz. John Cena is promoting Asim Riaz. Let us tell that Meera has been supporting Asim Riyaz since the beginning.

She follows Bigg Boss closely. She also accused the makers of Bigg Boss of supporting and favoring Siddharth. She had said that if there was so much bias, she would stop watching the show. Let me tell you that her lady love Himanshi Khurana and brother Omar have been very happy on supporting John Cena’s Asim Riyaz.

Recently a famous anchor arrived at the house. He had asked Salman Khan why you scold Asim so much. On this, Salman says that he sometimes does work worth scolding. Then they ask that you gave them outside news and said that Himanshi’s engagement broke because of him. On this, Bollywood’s Bhaijaan said that yes … she came in with an engagement and she got laughed at thim, when she came out of the house, that chapter was over.

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