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Bigg Boss 13: This person raised questions on the relationship between Mahira and Paras as soon as he came house




Paras Chhabra

In ‘Bigg Boss 13’, a person came inside the house who raised many questions about the personal life of the family. Even raised many questions regarding the strategy of the game. Recently, a promo video of ‘Bigg Boss’ has appeared in which this famous anchor was seen taking a class of Paras Chhabra.

As soon as the anchor came into the house, Paraswas  brought to the dock. Along with this, he asked such questions, in which Paras was also seen faltering a bit. In this video, the anchors are saying to Paras that ‘You question a lot on the relationships of others. You said many things about the relationship between Shefali and Asim.

On this, Paras said- ‘If I see something wrong from the front, then I speak.’ Anchor says- ‘It seems right that you always embrace Mahira and what do you do? It means that you embrace anyone but yourself, if someone else does the same. You said that Shahnaz tries to come to you. Then you showed them the tattoo made in your hand. Didn’t you show these tattoos to Mahira? ‘

In response, Paras said- ‘Yes, of course, my mental level matches with Mahira. I find Mahira more sensible than Shehnaz. Shehnaaz’s words seem more absurd. Before Paras Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla also came in the box. In the video, the anchor was seen asking Rashmi questions related to Siddharth.

Anchor asked Rashmi the question- ‘You have a very old relationship with Siddhartha?’ In response to the anchor’s question, Rashmi says- ‘Very old, heart to heart.’ After this, the anchor says- ‘What was the matter that they wanted to clarify before coming home?’ In response, Rashmi said- ‘This is a very personal question, sir?’ To this, the anchor said- “This is the time to tell everything.”

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