Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Jasmin Walia: An Upcoming British cum Indian Star Sizzling in Britain


Who says that our Indian people are still lacking behind some aspects, who says that an Indian can’t entertain like as that of the Hollywood stars? It’s time to smash those quotes which were somewhere made on the instances which were catching up some dreadful attention, the one who’s on the track to make each of the beloved Indian feel proud to be an Indian is none other than, one of the renowned celebrities of all Jasmin Walia. An actress, star, celeb cum singer yes she’s carrying up all such tags along with her name and is rolling all over the globe especially in London.

Let’s get deeper on to her biography; well it’s like within just 25years of her age she’s a star who’s notching up some tremendous attention by her loving fans and followers not only from TV serial but also in the world of modelling. Let me remind you’ll that she was a cast member on ITV2 semi-reality programme The Only Way Is Essex, whereas if we talk about her singing career then it’s fact that she’s singing since 6years of her age and as of now the audience is crazy like anything just to have a single hearing of her tracks.

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